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imageCLASS MF634Cdw Error message 255,0,0 when trying to scan


When I try to use the scanner on the printer, I get this error message:


"Error in scanner.

Follow instructions in the online manual.

Scanner driver will be terminated.

Code: 255,0,0 "


Both scanning and printing were working fine, but I have since moved offices and onto a new network.  On the new network, I changed the IP address of the printer settings and printing works.  Scanning gives the above error.  I uninstalled the MF Scan Utiility, downloaded the latest version of the MF Scan Utility, and tried again, but got the same error.


I'm using Windows 10 Pro.


I haven't reinstalled the printer driver.


What should I do next?


After installing the main driver and MF scan utility and then reinstalling both, the error went away.

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Thanks buddy for the response.   This is what I was able to find with some digging that worked.  Basically, I had to uninstall everything. Run a utility to make sure all registry settings are wiped, and then reinstall the printer driver from c:\.  Then reinstall the scan driver.


Hopefully, this will not happen again but I know it will.  About half the time I use this MFC I have problems connecting to it.  Going to try your solution next time  



I am running Windows 10.  Doing this and reconnecting the wireless settings using WPS on my router finally worked.

This did not work for my MFC743CDw. This printer is very disappointing. I have to uninstall it every time I have a power failure and the network reassigns IP address. Now it is wireless and its REALLY stupid and the scan function is mindless and can't connect for scanning in either direction. Prints fine, the UI is fine. Crap code and drivers on a crap code OS (Windows 10)

It worked perfectly on my Windows 10 pro with MF445dw!!  Thank you so much!   

I called some tech support (I'm not sure it was actually from Canon) and he said it would take 1 hour, and I should subscribe to support service for 3 yrs $199, 5 yrs $299, etc. or pay one time fee of $99.  I declined and did further research to get here.    I really appreciate the information and clear instructions!!    

I followed this process step by step and the same error continues to appear

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