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Resolved! EV levels

What are the typical EV values at a nighttime major league baseball or national football league game?  Thank you.

Feedback to Canon RE: AFMA on all DSLR's

To whom it may concern at Canon: i am am a big fan and an owner at one time or another of a significant amount of your equipment.  As a fan I offer the following suggestion: All Canon DSLR's should have AFMA.  I understand you must withhold some feat...

ScottyP by Authority
  • 0 replies

What's going on?

Is this forum going to be a casualty of the ongoing problems with Canon's new Web site? It's been several days, and the long pauses and spurious error messages haven't been addressed. The number of posts is way down. The Canon moderators have been si...

What kind of camera by Canon is best for bird photos

I like to go birding and found it enjoyable using my sons Canon 5T, some pics were good and others I needed sharper resolution. Would an EOS 70 D be marked improvement? Is this model restricted to specific lenses, so if are there restrictions to the ...

ws by Apprentice
  • 13 replies

Canon Pixma E460 Printer Unique problem

I have a canon pixma e460 printer in my house then i bought a new e460 for my parents’ house which I want to use. so now I have two exact printers. since I have installed the drivers of the e460 on my macbook for the first printer months ago in my ho...

Resolved! delete old copies of printer?

I just downloaded a driver for Windows 10, which hopefully has fixed my wireless connection. Interestingly, the connection was fine after switching from Windows 8 until I installed a new modem from Comcast. (Also interestingly my computer is much slo...

suzy by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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