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Print to CD/DVD with ip8720


1st try at printing directly to DVD with new Pixma iP8720 and OEM "My Picture Garden" software with NO luck. 
Using win7x64 OS and I create all labels in photoshop and save as jpg files.  All I want to do is import finished label into MPG software and print --- I don't want or need all the other extra bloat built into the program.

The printer will not print to DVD --- only to paper from rear paper tray --- no matter what I try.  I have gone into the printer preferences and set everything to CD/DVD on all tabs.... Media type: Printable disc (have tried both Printable disc and Printable disc (others) );  Printer paper size: Disc tray L;  Paper source: Disc tray.

I open MPG and select as follows:  new art > disc label (cd/dvd/bd) > select theme > standard > paper size > standard disc (small insert)    I skip add image and go straight to background because I don't want to add a jpg file to only part of the disc -- I want to use my pre-prepared jpg on the entire disc.  I get whatt I want in the work space and click "print" but when the print dialog window opens there is NO option for cd/dvd.  The paper size box lists ONLY paper sizes with NO option for cd/dvd. The media type box also lists ONLY paper sizes -- no cd/dvd option.  The paper source box lists ONLY rear tray.  If I go ahead and print ..... it goes to paper, NOT DVD.

What am I missing?



Never mind.


I located and tried Canon's old program -- CD-Label Print v1.4.2 -- and it works just fine.  I was afraid it wouldn't recognize the newer printers and cd trays but I was wrong.  It correctly I.D.'d the printer, the tray, and set all the correct options in the printer preferences.  The disk printed beautifully.

It is a simple one-function piece of software.  Not elegant but it does what it's designed for and does it well.  If you've had trouble printing direct to disc give it a try.


Just bought a new ip8720.


After spending hours of unsuccessful attempts to print using My Image Garden to the CD tray and having the same problems you described (keeps trying to print from the rear paper tray), using the Printer Utility setting I unchecked the print via Airplay box and then was finally able to use the CD Tray.


When starting the print process you must have the CD Tray out, the CD door closed, and the front and rear access doors closed. The print process will then prompt you to open the CD door and insert the CD Tray and press the blinking orange button to continue.


All in all I find the Canon manuals to be among the worst I've ever seen. This (I'm assuming common problem) is not discussed in their manuals and not pointed out in their forum.

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