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MF can't find CanoScan 9000F (OS X 10.11.2)

Hi everyone, I just got a CanoScan 9000F and I can't make it work with the MF tools.First of all: I am using OS X 10.11.2 and I can use the scanner trough the system preferences, but that only offers me limited options and since I mainly want to scan...

Which camera was the most expensive?

I went to my local park to shoot (photographically speaking) some herons.  I took to following shots under very similar conditions - same weather, similar distance(about 100m) etc.  One was taken with the Canon SX60HS bridge camera, and the other was...

Picture A.jpg Picture B.jpg
Tronhard by Authority
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Resolved! GP-E2 GPS.... map utility

Is there a download for the map utility to work on the new major update of windows 10 as the disc supplied at time of widows 7 will not work in 10.... browser does work, but map utility does not.Stayed with 7 on my main system, but laptop is 10.Any h...

Can I scan 110 film negatives on the canoscan 9000f?

I am contemplating buying the canoscan 9000f, but I will need to be able to scan 110mm film format. Can I do this on the canoscan 9000f? I have seen an adapter for that film size on ebay and amazon (oddly enough, cannot find it on Canon), but the pri...

Etsy Photography and Cropping

 Hi Everyone,  I'm really new to photography, I purchased my Rebel almost a year ago, but I'm still struggling to learn the ropes.  I sell vintage clothing online, mainly on Etsy, and I purchased my camera in order to make my listings more profession...


P23-DHV says 1+1=1

whay the heck is wrong with my calculator? It is brand new, but the = sign does not provide me a proper sum total for addition. It does work for multiplication and division. 1+1=11+56=156+1=562+1=2etc Is this a setting or user error, or what? This th...

lscman by Apprentice
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Fire pictures

I don't know whether this link to the Boston Globe Web page is readable by everyone. (I'm a subscriber and can log in.) But if it is, you'll see what I think are some surprisingly good pictures by a bystander at a fire this morning. https://www.bosto...

best camera for low light and wildlife?

What is the best camera for shooting in low light and for shooting wildlife? As well as shooting wildlife in low life? I am planning a safari trip to Africa and would like to make sure I have a camera that does it justice. 

jb3 by Apprentice
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Resolved! CanoScan 9950F

Since there is no forum category for scanners, I am posting my problem here. I have had this scanner since the Windows XP era and it has performed superbly up to and including Windows 7. But the last time I used it I could not turn it off.  The on/of...

Canon 8300F Scanner

Hello, I recently aquired this scanner from my brother. He purchased it with the intention of scannin over 1600 slides that our father had. He got through half and we decided I would do the last half of them. I brought the scanner home, plugged it in...

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