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Looking to upgrade from a 20D (yeah, you read that right!)


Hey all!


I'm in the market for a new(er) or used camera - my old, trustworthy 20D is starting to ask about retirement options, so I thought I'd better start looking now before he decides "today is the day".


So, I've been lurking, and reading, and investigating, and researching all over the place, but this is the forst place I've asked questions, so any input would be appreciated.


First, the preconditions:


1)  My main use cases are vacations, band concerts, cross country meets, and track meets, and the occasional indoor event.


2)  I've been using my 20D for so long, and have been SUPER impressed by the build quality and performance, that I am looking for another one similar in design with as much staying power as the 20D - I have been using it for 16 years and I have no way of knowing how many pictures I've taken with it, or what the shutter count is, but for 19 years of use, it is still in excellent overall physical condition.


3)  I entered the hobby with a very limited set of skills and a matching TWO lenses - Canon 50mm f/1.8 and the 28-135 that came with it.  That lens was lost about a month ago.  That said, my first lens purchase to go along with my new camera will be the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS USM (I've been wanting that forever and finally have enough saved up for it), to be followed shortly thereafter by a wider angle lens (like 18-55 or similar)


4) That being said, I don't want to break the bank, so I'm currently looking at used bodies, but am not opposed to getting a new one if the proce is right.  I'm looking at spending < $1500 on a body


Now, onto what my research has driven me to...


Most everything I have read is pointing me to the 7D Mark II.  AF performance, FPS, durability, always are really high on the list.  The only real "cons" I have read point ot its age and the understanding that there will never be a 7D Mark III nad the 90D should be considered its replacement.  So I am also considering the 90D.


The others in the running are the 80D, or the RP (in that order).  But for those, I know they are WAY better than the 20D I'm replacing, but if I'm upgrading and spending money anyway, I'm not sure if those would be right for me.


The only thing that is keeping me from pulling the trigger on the 7D Mark II is its age, but I'm not one to really care about "latest and greatest" models if an older one will do things better.


So, if any of you who typically shoot those kinds of events (cross country, track, band concerts) have any advice as to whether one of those "newer" cameras would be better than the 7Dii for my situation, I'm all ears.






FWIW, my wife has a 7D2, which I bought for her to replace her T2i.  It's pretty much identical to the 5D Mark III, except for its lighter weight and smaller sensor size. In fact, we were out on a boat trip a couple of years ago; and when it was my turn to steer, she picked up my 5D3 and used it for an hour without realizing her mistake.


In fact the 7D2 has one very nice feature that the 5D3 doesn't have: a full-time level in the viewfinder. It's hard to see how you could go far wrong with the 7D2.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I agree with Bob.  Go for the 7D Mark II, despite its' age.  It is probably still the best APS-C camera body Canon has sold.


While it would not be my first choice, I think it is probably the best fit for you.  You can use all of the lenses that you currently use on the 20D.  The body layout and ergonomics are far more similar than the 80D or 90D bodies.  The 7D Mark II is also built a little tougher than either of those cameras, too.

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"The others in the running are the 80D, or the RP (in that order)."


Neither of these are comparable to the 7D MkII in build. The 7 series is almost a full on pro level camera. I agree with the others 7D MkII all the way.

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Thanks for the replies!


I ended up getting a used 7D Mark II in awesome condition.  It is similar but so very different than my 20D so now I'll be learning what it can do.  🙂



" It is similar but so very different than my 20D..."


It enough like a 20D that you will have no trouble running with it right from the start. Smiley Happy Go shoot some pictuers!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

@Theogeek wrote:

Thanks for the replies!


I ended up getting a used 7D Mark II in awesome condition.  It is similar but so very different than my 20D so now I'll be learning what it can do.  🙂



You're gonna love it.  You should at least get used to the feel of it fairly quickly.  The biggest changes are the menu systems.  

Here is a totally undocumented tip to help navigate menus.  Open up the menus, now press the [Q] button 4 or 5 times. 


There is an Autofocus Handbook for the camera.


"The right mouse button is your friend."


The only lenses I had for my 20D were the 28-135 f/3.5-5.6 and the 50mm f/1.8.  One reason for me finally upgrading is that I left the camera bag somewhere and couldn't find it when I went back to where I thought I left it...ugh.  The only thing I still have from that is the 20D and the 50mm (which I'm OK with).


Lost a 430 speedlight, extra batteries, chargers, 20D body cap, 50mm rear lens cap, and the 28-135.


So, I figured, why replace that stuff when I can just get a better camera!


The "combo" I bought also came with the EF 24-70 f/4 L.  I've actually never shot with a lens like that before and I love it so far.  Can't wait to take it out for a spin "for real".


I have been told I need a 70-200 as well.  🙂

Fantastic!  Smiley Happy

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