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Canon Store - Black Friday Sale

I need to upgrade my camera (T3i).  I am looking at refurbed 77D, 80D or T7i.  My lenses, with a couple of exceptions, are EF-S so I need to stay with APS-C format.  I missed out on the Halloween sale (15% discount).  What can I expect with the Black...

tconstan by Contributor
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9000F Mark II - Cannot start MP Navigator EX message

I had not used the scanner for a few weeks and tried to scan a few photos tonight and get an error saying that "Cannot start MP Navigator EX."  and gives me 4 things to check.  I checked all those things and uninstalled and reinstalled both the softw...

Does anyone sell stock photography?

Hello: I love my photography hobby, but it would be better to make a little extra cash on the side.I do get paying gigs on the side from time to time which is nice. I always read these articles about people making good money by selling stock photos.I...

ilzho by Rising Star
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Hello all, My name is Alicce (or Al for short) and I am a newbie to this forum. I have worked as a freelance photographer for many years now and have even spent some time as a travel photographer. My work took me all over the world, but as I have got...

Canon 9000F Mark II

My scanner is not properly reading the negatives; it will read 3 frames when there are 4 and when the results are shown, there is a big white bar down the middle and only half the pic is shown.  I have used several different strips and all have this ...

greywolf by Apprentice
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canon grayscale model

Hello everybodyI plan to buy a canon colour inkjet for grayscale printing. I don't know which model is available for that fucntion. Please help me by recommanding many model.Many thanks

Photography Workshops

Has anyone taken any of these 3- and 4-day photo workshops? What were your opinions of them? They seem quite popular in the West, and while very pricey (generally in the $1500 to $3500 range), I have been hearing and reading some great things about t...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 4 replies

Do you subscribe to any photography magazines?

I do. I subscribe to Outdoor Photographer. I thoroughly enjoy it and have gotten some great tips and ideas from the articles. For example, in the October issue, there is a general theme of how to best capture fall colors. In places such as Zion Natio...

John_SD by Whiz
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Since it is pretty obvious that my plea for having an EOS video section is going nowhere, how about another quixotic quest? We should have a faq for this board. I will contribute the first two questions: My XYZ camera does not connect to my 123 compu...

My prints have bands of heavy ink.

Banding is to often the result of printing is too high  printer resolution, especially when i printing a uncoated paper or art papers. This causes the printer to use too much ink. Most of printers don’t let select a specific resolution. Instead, so I...

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