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Commerce Query

Greetings:   I write to inquire if commerce allowed through this portal.  Have a few Cannon toner cartridges.  Please advise on the policies.

LCD Screen

Hi, my LCD screen will not come on to change the settings on the camera. However it will work to view pictures. I have read the previous posts about the eye sensor and have cleaned it and still nothing. I am at a lost please please help. 

Camera Bag for 2 EOS 6D Bodies & Accessories

Hello:I am looking for a shoulder-type camera bag to keep my 2 Canon 6D bodies with attached lenses ... one 6D with a EF3.5-5.6 24-105mm lens and the othe 6D a EF 70-300 mm IS II USM lens with a Canon BG-13 Battery Grip. Any suggestions? I may have t...

Resolved! UFR II Technical Documentation

I want to write a printer driver based on Canon's UFR II but cannot find any technicaldocumentation on the PDL. If someone could provide me with some insight or the documentationit would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Edit : How Canon uses PCL would...

dbotelho by Apprentice
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Canon LIDE 700f issue

Canon lide 700f does not always return to home position after a scan it seems to be an intermittent problem. Have reloaded updated software and drivers. Also tried it on my old win xp and my new win 10 computer with same results.

neisg1 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Upgrade Help

Hello All I have questions and i figured this would be the perfect place for a Canon lover like myself. I have been using a Canon T3i..... and love it. But with my media taking off a 80d is in my sights but i am a little overwhelemed when thinking ab...

How to remove duplicate photos?

I have several Canon camera with wifi. I shoot RAW+Jpeg (sometimes just jpeg for burst photos) and then transfer the jpegs to the phone using wifi. I also take photos directly with the phone. When I copy the photos from the camera card and phone to m...

Canon DLC articles

Mods: Should we have a way to announce new general interest DLC articles? For example the recent one about shooting in low light would be a good one to highlight. I know you highlight firmware updates, but I think some of the DLC content should be hi...

Resolved! Recomended Camera for Fossil Research

Hello, i'm new to these forums. I am an avocational (volunteer) paleontologist who is wading into the dynamic world of research. I am also looking to be an author. I have always been an avid picture taker but being an ameteur i have always used consu...

Grid lines

Do most of you guys have your grid lines turned on, or use a grid focusing screen of some kind? On the older Canons what did you do to get your shots lined up properly? I don't mean imagining the rule of thirds, either. I mean getting a level photo, ...

John_SD by Whiz
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