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Looking to update my camera


I am currently using a canon EOS Rebel XTi and I want to upddate to a newer camera. I have 2 EOS lenses. The standard kit lense and the canon 75 - 300mm. I also use the Tamron18 - 270mm F/3.5-6.3  I am an amatuer but ready to move up. Any suggestions on what canon eos to consider.


My main interests are portraits (people and animals, nature, and horses in motion. I take many action shots. I was considering the canon EOS 80D but read it was not a good choice for action shots.


Thanks to any who respond





I vote for the 90D.  



4k video

45 AF points, 27 at F8

Focus bracketing


Articulating screen

Good high ISO performance

Released last year...  etc etc etc....

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thank you for input. I will check it out.


I woulld suggest you look into the Canon 7D II

From what I read it is great for wildlife and sports.

I would have gotten it myself except it is a bit heavy for petite me.

I would check out reviews, info on this site, youtubes, and specs on that camera (and any others you are considering).


Do you have a local store to check them out for handling?


If not, maybe you can rent the 7D, 90D, and/or any other camera that interests you.




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I'm reading this thread with real interest as I am in exactly the same spot as Katie with the exception that by far most of what I have shot is wildlife. 


I have an old Rebel T4i which I love and on another threat (on macro photography) wiser folks than me suggested a better lens will probably be my next purchase not a better body (my one good lens is the Canon 100-400mm).


I know my T4i will need a bit of serving (the flash no longer pops up and its interior needs a cleaning) and they may suggest it isn't worth getting fixed. Anyway, I was pondering if when the time comes if I should get another Rebel (now T8i) that alone will get me more pixels (18 to 24) more advanced focusing and bigger buffer (I shoot in raw so after about one second of continuous shooting I'm down to about 1 shot a second which if I have a bird in flight is a bit of an inconvenience). Or to move up to a 90D which has even a faster fps (10 per second I believe) and more pixels (31 I think). The value of the Rebel is less of a learning curve (or laziness perhaps). I'm not a technical photographer yet still using the basic zones a lot, and my fingers know them by heart. If I'm in the field and I see a group of birds I know without thinking that my camera is on the sports setting for one animal, if it is two or three, two spots up the dial is landscape; if it is a whole group, move the dial all the way up and back one and I'm at AV which is set to f11 right now. There is no thinking involved so in half a second I can shoot. I understand the 90D is more time consuming, move to SCN, select function, move camera to eye and the flock may be gone by now. But if it isn't with the faster fps and more pixels I may get a shot I would have missed otherwise. I'm on the fence... Sorry I'm rambling, so for a fairly new wildlife photographer would you abandon the Rebel and move up to the 90D or other camera or would you stick with the Rebel?





It seems to me you answered your own question 🙂

I hope you folllow your heart!

All the best, Annie


May I suggest reading THIS POST .  It might be worthy as an exercise to not only clarify your thinking, but also act as a guide for advice.



cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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Hi Annie. I absolutely love your answer because when I first read it I confusedly thought I did? No, I am on the fence”. I had to reread my own post to recognize that I wrote a paragraph on my love for the Rebel and a sentence on why maybe I should move to the Canon 90D, which I suspect is what you noticed.

Thanks, Wayne

Indeed! I found with me the problem might be I had something in my heart to buy or do, but then I can let what I heard from others move me away from my heart/gut or confuse me somewhat. But I always learn and grow from the knowledge.

Yes, that sounds like me too.