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macbook friendly printers?

During my brief and initial search... I'M EXHAUSED of Canon ImageClass(Korean) buys and returns.  ANY suggestions for a stable printer that is Mac OS compatible AND laser?Any feedback greatly appreciated.PS: I don't know the difference between "perso...

imgClass by Contributor
  • 2 replies

My Image Garden

I've occasionally used My Image Garden over the past three years but I'm not a heavy user.  I was trying to reduce the size of the data on my c:\ drive today and discovered that My Image Garden is taking up something like 7GB of data in the App Data/...

mcdonme by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Saving in JPEG

First time here, just joined because I bought a canon Lide 300 to post pics of sports cards on eBay which need to be in JPEG format.  But when I scan it defaults to PDF and I don't see anyplace to change the setting.  Gotta be a way for a complete PC...

upgrade from the SL1 - T8i, 77D, SL3?

Hi, For awhile now I have been considering upgrading my Canon SL1 which I have owned for 6 years. I had posted awhile back on this, but then looked elsewhere (Olympus, Panasonic) at image stabilized bodies (as sharp, stabilized images can sometimes b...

The Big Names are starting to fall

According to Olympus Optics' parent organization is selling the camera maker division off to a company called Japan Industrial Partners.  The story is HERE... They blame the ingress into the market of smarphones, but the Pandemic has cer...

Resolved! Canon EOS M50 or 800D?

Help me decide which is the best? Canon M50 or 800D? I'm new to this and I want a good photos and a little bit on videos. Thanks!

Jaysan by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Foam in Canon Ink Cartridges

Can someone tell me when Canon started putting Foam in the Ink Cartridges? And also why they started this. I was curious about refilling the cartridges and view a clip on youtube and seen that the cartridges had the foam inside. I was also surprised ...

Resolved! Bad LP-E4 Battery?

I recently bought a used 1Ds Mark III, mainly because I wanted a new battery for my 1D Mark IV.  The battery in the 1D Mark IV had begun to give me "calibrate" messages.  A battery calibration would [not] clear the message.  The battery that came wit...


Resolved! MG 7500 & MF632 C DW

My computer that supports these two printers has failed.  I need to find copies of the scanner and other associated software associated with both these printers. Both are scanners.  I had something called Canon Quick Menu with had a number of items o...

Mulfunction with my printer

Hello,please how do I know the model of my printer with serial number URQ[xxxxx]? [numerical portion removed for privacy]I mistakely uninstalled the software and drivers. kindly help me with that.thank you.

tika1 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Which bodies have Anti-flicker

Which Canon bodies have anti-flicker? I own the 7Dii with anyi-flicker. I also own the 1DX. I was dissappointed to learn that the 1DX does not have anti-flicker, which I use on my 7dii for night time high school sports.

anelson by Apprentice
  • 7 replies
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