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CanoScan FB620P Not Working With Adobe Photo Deluxe

Somehow I managed to scan a single photo with a CanoScan FB620P and Adobe Photo Deluxe under Windows 98SE.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to repeat the process after much experimentation. What is the correct procedure to scan a photo with Adobe P...

Asok321 by Apprentice
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Should I upgrade my camera body? (Canon rebel xt)

I've been away from the photography scene for a while, and there's so much new tech that i'm overwhelmed. I have a Canon Rebel xt, with a 70-200mm f/4 lens that I love. I mostly just want to take photos of my dog when we go on hikes.Will I get a big ...

Generic Battery?

Please share your experiences using generic batteries? Are they just fine, or will they wreck your camera? I am tempted to by cheap generics, but I do want some input from members on their experiences.

CanoScan not working

I am using Lide 110 scanner connected a Mac laptop with Hyper Drive connector. Scanner reported an error. see below. I have done the above procedure several times, but no success.Can you please assist.  

Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 13.29.59.png
Phandi by Apprentice
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9000 feed problem

After loading a 5" X 7" glossy print paper the printer didn't feed correctly (showed a paper jam). The next time I tried it, the paper wouldn't feed at all. Now no paper feeds  

drmjwnj by Apprentice
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Canon ink

Does anyone know if Canon has an ink program similar to HP? (You print a specific amount of pages per a set cost and they send a larger quantity of ink to you when you run low and you mail back the used cartridges to recycle) The reason I ask I have ...

Lisa4 by Contributor
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Question about canon's digital zoom

I would like to know if and how I can turn digital zoom(3x-10x) off and on during video in order portray how well the camera can zoom. Right now I am shooting a video in digital zoom and then have to cut the video off in order to turn DZ off and then...

Angle of view - how very interesting

I was looking at my camera manual and ran across this:The angle of view through the viewfinder is approximately 23.2 degrees and it hit me, that's almost exactly the degree of difference between the two solstices and the equinoxes. 73.2 minus 26.2 = ...

stevet1 by Mentor
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Looking to Upgrade and Need Advice

Hi there! I am currently using a Rebel T6i and the kit lens and I really need an upgrade. I got the camera for my first year of photojournalism classes in college and then was provided an 80D to use in the upper level classes with a wide variety of g...

malek23 by Apprentice
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Canon Edge Portal Web Site

During registration of my warranty online, I encounter the error messages.When I register my product on Canon Edge portal, it keeps saying inactive account.   


Team, I received a very sad PM today from "Robert the Fat". "Hello, Waddizzle -- This is Bob's daughter, Betsy. I'm sorry to be messaging to tell you that my dad died suddenly in his sleep last weekend. I'm aware that he spent a lot of time on this f...

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