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D70 manual settings with studio flash

I have a D70 and wish to use it with Bowen flash units with a remote wireless trigger. This is not the problem as I have two triggers both of which work fine. The problem is with the camera, I only ever use manual settings and keep losing the LCD dis...

Sevvren by Apprentice
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Scratched/Nicked lense on a Canon S5IS

I have a Canon Powershot S5IS. This past summer, while capturing video footage, my lense was nicked. For the most part, they are very noticeable. When they are noticed it just looks like the lense is dirty. My question is... Can these be removed? Or ...


Windows 8.1 & IR C3100 not functioning together

We have used our IR C3100 for years on our small business network through ethernet cable and wireless with Windows XP and 7.  September of 2013 I purchased a new laptop with Windows 8 (x64).  I set up the appropriate driver and it printed to the C310...

DaveF by Apprentice
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1Dx AF focal points

I've rented the Dx for almost a year to shoot indoor sports, recently one followed me home from the store   and for the first time, am using it in studio for portraits. now I have a couple of questions:- is there a way to have the focal lock dot be r...

Canon D530 - Can't Get to Print on Mac Pro

I just bought a Canon D530, downloaded the Scan Gear V220, dated 1/16/14 and MF Printer Driver & Utilities, dated 12/19/13 and can't get my Mac Pro OSX 10.8.5 to recognize the printer.  Did I miss a step in the install or is it just not compatible wi...

canoscan 8000f toolbox.

Hello. I cannot install - from the disc - the toolbox for my canoscan 8000f scanner. I have Windows 7. I sometimes get error code 26.0.0. I am beginning to lose faith in Canon. They will not issue a driver for this scanner to run in Windows 8, render...

Canon 8000F scanner on Windows-7 32 bits

Proper drivers for 8000F on W7 are available on the official Canon sites, However, I ( and a lot of perople on teh internet) cannot create a connection; the PC doesn't "see" the scanner. Canon helpdesk said that  a proper driver doesn't exist at all....

Gerard by Apprentice
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