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Canon 6D and Hotspot connectivity

I am trying to use my camera in areas where there is not wi-fi accessible. I connect a Canon 6D to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3's mobile hotspot provided by TMobile. I download the EOS remote app, but it seems that this application does not work with mobi...

AORamos by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

70D lenses

Hey fellow photo people! I'm on the hunt for a nice but non-expensive everyday lens that will allow me to take pictures of my active 1yr old, indoor events, outdoor adventures, candids and family portraits. A second lens to give me that "bokeh" effec...

sjp711 by Contributor
  • 5 replies

How to prevent print head clog up and B200 Error ?

I just went through a horrid time getting rid of a B200 error due to the printer head clog up.  I had to soak the head for at least one hour in a solution of warm water  and a bit of oxy clean to get the printer to work again. I almost gave up and wa...

Canon Scanner

I have a customer that develops their own internal applications and they are trying to interface with their Canon 12th scanner. Does canon offer an API for this purpose?

voltage converters

I'm traveling to Bali and it was suggested I use a transformer over a voltage converter. Does anyone use a transformer and could fill me in on this. Thx

Pro-100 Custom Printer Profiles

Has anyone had success in using a custom printer profile with this printer. Glossy generic Canon paper profiles work ok but are not completely on the money. I get a little too much red. I had a custom profiles created by reputable 3rd party provider ...

Resolved! Meaning of 48'35" on display sx260hs?

 Canon sx 260hs you tube states it is battery life and every time I place a fully charged one in the number is totally different either lower or higher. How can that be possible? Can I get rid of that off the lcd screen?Is it really beneficial to hav...

Resolved! Missing factory code in Canon New F-1

My vintage ‘New F-1 Canon’ camera has only five characters in the factory/date code (note, it is stamped inside the film chamber). It doesn’t have the sixth character – the letter that would identify a factory. Some people claim that it is rare/unhea...

bamel by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Wi-Fi Not Working - Canon Gateway down

After getting a new Access point setup Saturday, we lost power in a windstorm, and now that power is back, I wanted to use Wi-Fi to transfer images. I know I can do it with a card reader or connect the camera to a computer, but I bought my G1X in ord...

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