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How can I rescue my Canon memory card photos back?


Recently, I formatted my memory card by mistake and all cannon photos were lost. But, some of them were really precious for me. I cannot lose them. How can I rescue my Canon card photos? Do you have any idea? Please, help me as soon as possible. Thanks!



I hope you’ve not written anything new on this formatted memory card. In your case, anything new on the same card would rewrite your original photos and make them gone forever.

Therefore, you should take care. And then, insert this card to computer and try to rescue all these lost photos back with data recovery software.

There are many similar data recovery programs that could be your choices online, like Recuva, 4Card Recovery, PhotoRec and more.

No matter which one you want to choose, just act carefully in case of farther data loss. Note: Never forget to make card data backups timely again.

"I hope you’ve not written anything new on this formatted memory card ..."


And you did not do a 'low level format'.  Quick formating actually only removes the location of the files and makes it availible.  It does not actually delete the files. But, if you use the card a new memory track is created and recovery becomes very difficult to impossibile, at least to the average user.

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The problem is people like to use huge cards because they can I guess.  64GB and even 128GB cards.  They never remove them and have a ton of pictures on them.  Pros I know, and myself, use 4, 8 or 16GB CF cards and change them often.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


How to back-up Deleted Files :

Step 1: Use your computer and install a program called Tune-up Utility.

Step 2: Try the trial version then. Step 3: Insert your Memory Card in your pc.

Step 4: Head over to Tune-up Undelete function listed in it. Then,

Step 5: In that program select your drive letter (E, F..) and

Step 6: Type in the search box for the format of the image and voila you'll receive your photos back.

Do let me know if this trick didn't work i'll give you another one

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My boy friend has ever also had this formatted memory card data loss problems. All his activity photos were lost. Since some of these lost photos were really important for his future meeting, he tried a lot of ways to go.

But, fortunately, he finally got back his wanted photos with the help of data recovery software called iCare Data Recovery Software.

So, when I read your question here, I think you can also take chances with data recovery software.

Moreover, also learn a lesson to make data backups from now on, just like my boy friend.

I hope you can inform us your result timely.


Hey, friend! After experiencing mobile phone Micro SD card file loss problems, I know the deleted data off from memory card could be restored back with the help of deleted data recovery software before these original SD card photos are overwritten by new photos, files and the likes on the same memory card.

So, as with your camera memory card photo loss troubles, you can also keep this card away from new stuffs and go try some photo recovery software.

Honestly, last time, I have read many related articles, posts and threads and learned this. Perhaps, you may also visit these posts and learn more detailed information like:


Timely back up all restored photos well on another memory card, flash drive or hard drive 

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