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How can I recover photos from Micro SD card with RAW format?


Hey, hope I can find a practical solution here!

Honestly, recently, with my Canon digital camera, I have taken many graduation photos and straightly stored them all on the inner attached memory card. However, this morning, when trying to upload them all to my laptop, the memory card just asked me to format and also was displayed as RAW format. Do I have to format this memory card? What can I do to recover my photos back at first? Thanks!



A few questions... just to be clear.


(1)  Which camera model do you have?


(2)  A "Micro SD" card is not the same as an SD card.  It's much smaller.  Sometimes "Micro SD" cards come with an adapter that allwos them to be used in SD card slots.  Is this what you have?


(3)  Is the camera able to display the images on the same card that the computer claims is not readable?


I'm wondering if there's a problem with the compatibility of the computer and/or possibly the "adapter" for the Micro SD card.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


Have tried this RAW Micro SD card on another computer or with another card Reader? If it is still detected as RAW format there, for the safety of your inner stored photos, you’d better save nothing there and also do not format it.

In my personal experiencing, the RAW memory card stuffs could be retrieved back with RAW file system recovery software.

So, you can search related problem on the internet and take such data recovery software to have a good try.

Hope these articles can help you learn more:


Good luck!


Open source file recovery.


If nothing works and you will format the card, quick format and try recover after that.

@Cheayol wrote:

Have you tried photo recovery tools? If you search online, you will see a lot of recovery tools, like Bitwar, recoverit, easeus, stc. Many recovery tools can recover photos from SD card with RAW fromat. Have a try.

I suspect that the OP has either recovered the files or given up. This thread is more than four years old.

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I am guesing it is spam promoting bitwar.