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Re: Weird polarized view on older Canon DSLR EOS 5D (DIY sharing)

Who will use an over ten years old camera in an important event such as wedding?  5D first came out in 2005 and I doublt any photographers will use it professionally nowadays.


Useable old cameras are excellent for casual shooting and allow some people to recall the good old days of those camera gears when they are of great value at that time. Even at this present time, they are still very good and useable to beginners or people who cannot afford updated expensive new gears. What is wrong DIY fixing them ?  For DIYers, any available materials that can fix the problem is the right material. There is nothing wrong with using duct tape.


It is hard to define "photographers" and I believe you guys must have seen some so-call photographers posting ugly photographs online. I have also seen a lot of wealthy people buying the latest models and yet they only shoot in auto mode. And they think they are "photographers" because they take "photos".


Professional photographers need more than "a" reliable camera. They need back ups because even the most reliable cameras will fail at times. For non-professional "photographers",  if they are not taking pictures during important events for money, I still believe that any useable and functional cameras are okay.


What are we going to do with old cameras ? Throw them into the garbage bins ?  No way. Take them out, do some  casual shootings and have fun. If they are broken and Canon won't fix them, open them up and see what's is inside. If you can fix them, fine. If not, you still have enjoyed the fun of DIY.  If you are afraid of doing unscrewing or touching the inside of the cameras, it's your choice.


BTW, go to Youtube and check out "Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge" and you will see some real photographers shooting with cameras manufactured at the turn of the century. These are fun.


Pick a sentence, a phrase or a word and do some "ellaborations" to disagree DIY. You have made it. But, what does it prove ?

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Re: Weird polarized view on older Canon DSLR EOS 5D (DIY sharing)

"Who will use an over ten years old camera in an important event such as wedding?"


You have no idea of what it is like to make a living with a camera, do you?  I never had a camera failure at a event I was responsible for.  Never, not once.  But my cameras all got periodic C&C by CPS.


I have nothing against DIY. Photographers that make a living have to be able to find instant solutions to problems and fixes all the time.  But duct tape holding some gadget inside my camera is not one of them.


I'm done, DIY forever.  Smiley Wink

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