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Resolved! EOS 30D CF Card Error

hello, my EOS 30D flashes an error for CF cards, I've purchased a few cards and none of them have worked. When I try to format the CF card, I get the er99. I've tried updating the firmware (said none were available)I've downloaded ALL the updates on ...

hs123 by Contributor
  • 8 replies

EOS 2000D Stuck on Manual Focus

I have a Canon EOS 2000D which seems to be stuck on MF. I’ve pressed Q and gone through the process of choosing ONE SHOT and pressing SET but doesn’t seem to work. When I go back to display it still shows MF. Can anyone out there help me?

Canon T50 broken light meter?

Hello!I recently inherited a Canon T50 and have been experimenting with film photography. However, whenever I attempt to shoot, the P warning for dim lighting flashes, regardless of how dim the lighting actually is. I could point the camera directly ...

Resolved! EOS 80 blurry picture

I have a Canon EOS 80 and seems every other picture I take is blurry. I wander if it’s the lens that I have. Any suggestions to what is the best lens to use for up close pictures? I am trying to capture the subject clear and the background blurry tha...

6D Markii auto-focus issues

Hello,I was wondering if anyone might have any insight in an issue I have been having with a 6Dmii that I purchased at the end of August. I have been a long time Canon user and previously was using the Canon 6D as my main body (still have it). When I...

Namra38 by Contributor
  • 41 replies

R3 Auto Focus Issues

Have had the R3 since it's introduction and up till now, fantastic piece of equipment! Recently however it has begun to have issues with auto focus, regardless of the lens attached, settings or lighting. Going to to a complete reset of the software t...

Paddysup by Contributor
  • 14 replies

EOS 350D Sigma Lens Compatibility

Novice with a Canon 350D eosI have a 350D eos which I'm enjoying using. I was given a Sigma mini zoom 39~80 F/3.5 lens which seems in great condition. Can the mini zoom be mounted to my canon body. If so what is requiredMany thanks guys gals

Resolved! Canon R8 with Godox TT350C Flash

Happy new owner of a Canon R8, still learning. I switched from Fuji and had a very good experience with my Godox TT350F flash - lightweight, powerful, tons of features and affordable. After reading the R8 manual and some online reviews, I'm wondering...

mmbrombe by Contributor
  • 10 replies
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