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R6 Mark II USB C monitor and charging?

Let's say I use the Canon Connect app ( or a similar app) with my R6 Mk2 and iPad mini. Can I split the USB C in order to power, or charge both devices as well? I know a camera work around would be a dummy battery for power, but what about the iPad?

Watkins by Contributor
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EOS R6 Mark II Cable Charging via MacBook

I just bought a Canon R6M2, and I'm wondering regarding the cable charging, can I use my Macbook Charger to charge the camera directly? It's a 61 W charger and the output is 20.3V - 3A or 15V - 3A or 9V - 3A or 2V - 3A. Would it damage the camera or ...

Canon 5d mark iii af point selection stuck

I recently purchased a used Canon 5D Mark III and did not realize that the AF point selection button was stuck. I mostly used the camera to shoot small video clips; however, it's causing an issue for photos. Does Canon have a place where I can purcha...

EOS Rebel T6 settings for indoor sports

I just purchased a canon rebel T6. It has the standard lens and also the 75-300 mm lens. I am fairly new to the photography world, and I am trying to understand the settings and modes this camera has. My daughter has gymnastics meets and they are all...

Damundo by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

R6 auto ISO problem

I usually have my R6 set with Auto ISO on and locked, and I shoot in TV or Aperture mode.  I've noticed on several occasions that when I look through the viewfinder to frame a shot, the view is washed out because the Auto ISO is high, e.g. 25600, eve...

Sborg by Enthusiast
  • 20 replies

T7i vs SL3

Hello, needing some advice on which is better. My first (and only) camera is a Canon Rebel T3i. I've had it for the past 5 years. I have the 18-55 kit lense, 75-300 telephoto, and, gen 1(not sure if that's what it's technically called, but first iter...

Courage by Contributor
  • 22 replies
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