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canon 5d3 turns into deathbed wishlist

I'm really blown away that the extremely heartfelt post i wrote last night was deleted by some bleeping moderator.  Typing in forum rules in the search box gives nothing in reply about whether or not you can put in that you're selling your gear and i...

60D has suddenly gained a lot of issues

So I have an interesting problem. My 60D, which I have had for 1.5 years, has given up on life.Whenever I want to view the LCD screen, I have to press "Q", then press the shutter release, then hurry up and view everything in the 2 seconds before the ...

ashlandj by Apprentice
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Sensor and viewfinder cleaning

I was wondering if anyone else has had this type of problem with Canon. I just bought a brand new 5dmii (may 9th, 2013) and my first shot had spots (extended exposure shot at f22). I continued to use the new camera and within a few days black specks ...

best slider dolly for filming?

Hey guysI use my canon t3i for half of my YouTube videos and I really like those panning slide shots. I was wondering what kind of slider dolly would enable to me to mount on my tripod and be light enough that the slider dolly itself doesn't tilt to ...

Image Quality Problem in 5D Mark III

Hi Experts, Recently I have bought Canon 5D Mark III, when I am shoot with studio(mono) lights the photos are not sharp it’s look like hazy. Herewith I have attached the sample photo. I have tested with my old camera and my friend’s camera with same ...

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