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EOS utility timing issue

New Contributor

I have a Rebel XS, and I am using it in my lab with the EOS utility to take time lapse photos.  The timing needs to be very accurate because it is mounted on a motor taking pictures of multiple setups.  However, when I use timer shooting mode set to take photos every three minutes, it actually takes a couple seconds more.  The closest I could get to actually taking pictures every three minutes was setting the timer to 2:57, but in that case, it lost a second every other picture, taking the fifth picture 11m58s after the first one rather than 12m00s.  There's no way to use fractions of seconds, so I cannot make it more accurate than this.  Is there any way to fix these timing issues?  I don't know if it's the camera or the program or what, but it isn't very useable when it's this inaccurate.



Honored Contributor

Get an intervalometer and forget about EOS Utility. If you get the adapter cable (RA-E3) you can use Canon's TC-80N3