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Canon Rebel T1i — Webcam Utility

Hi there, I would love to be able to use my T1i as a work webcam to use on softwares such as Zoom or Skype. I know Canon didn't include this [old] model in terms of their digital converters that they are now offering (gee thanks!), and I've had no lu...

Can't read the shutter count of 5D Mark IV

My girlfriend wants to sell her camera, and people want to know the shutter count. I tried several software solutions on both Mac and PC and the software always recognizes the camera and display the correct model name but it always fails to show the ...

escnor by Apprentice
  • 12 replies

Which to buy T5i(700D) or T6i(750D)?

Hey everyone I've always wanted to buy a DSLR and get into photography and videography. From my little research I've concluded that either the t5i or the t6i will be the best for the function i want it(photos, videos/short films/vlogs) and is in my b...

nojima by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

DSLR 600D turns off suddenly

Hello,I have a Canon DSLR EOS 600D, in a really good condition, no damages nothing. It turned off suddenly few days back, I ordered a new battery to check if it’s a battery issue, but it’s not. The camera still wasn’t turning on. Yesterday, I discove...

EOS Rebel XS taking black photos

I am having issues resolving this issue with my EOS Rebel XS camera and whenever I try to take a photo it shows as a black photo as if the camera cover is on. I can see older pictures but I am not able to see any new photos because they are black. Wh...

R5 focus stacking - focus increment?

Is there a definitive explanation of the Focus Increment setting in the R5's focus stacking feature? For example, if I set the focus increment to 10 does that mean that the R5 will shift focus by more than the depth of field? If not, why not shoot wi...

Bazsl by Rising Star
  • 13 replies

Resolved! EOS 90D Battery Display

Hi all,I just noticed that my ESO 90D is not displaying all bars when the battery is fully charged, it is only showing half.I use a BG-E14 Battery grip and I just tried with and without it, same results.Any help appreciated.Regards,Manuel D.

mdphoto by Apprentice
  • 6 replies
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