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choosing the right ND filter value

Hello there,I am about to search and buy one or two screw on ND filters and I plan to use it specially in video mode. I have some difficulties in choosing the right ND filter values in order to be able to shoot in daylight with wide open aperture (f2...

5DMIII memory cards

I read through all the manual but still could not figure out how to ensure that I use the CF card after I take it out and then insert it back into the camera while there is also an SD card inserted. Currently, I always have to go into the menu and sw...

6d wont pair with iphone via wifi

I just got my new 6d yesterday, initial impressions are fantastic. I'm running into a issue with connecting the camera and phone via wifi. Going through all the steps I hit a road block after entering the encryption key into my phone. The phone accep...

Resolved! EOS REBEL XS Display

I just bought a EOS REBEL XS from a friend and I really love the camera but... I like see through the display while take the picture and not using the eye piece.  I have tried and tried eveything to refigure but I can't seem to see what I"m doing wro...

elaine54 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

5D Mark III HSS Problem in Low light

We have a somewhat serious problem with our two Mark III's...or some obscure setting.   When the light level get's too low, they over expose when HSS is on. We can slow down the shutter so it turns HSS off and everthing is perfect. But, once you spee...

mortontd by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

5d Mk III and 580 ExII flash problem

 I purchased a 5D mkIII back in April as an upgrade to my 7D, I've been very happy with the new camera until the other evening when I was shooting in some low light situations with the flash.  For reasons that seem to be eluding me I can't find the s...

Barrfly by Contributor
  • 5 replies
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