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android wireless remote for 7D

My photograhy group posted a notice that Canon has an android wirless remote for the 6D, but unfortunately it's not compatible with my 7D.  Any information on Canon's intent to extend that to include the 7D?

avarley by New Contributor
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T2i will not power on

My Canon T2i has no power.  At first I re-charged the battery.  The battery does not sit in the camera if I' m going to use regularly.  To no avail, so I thought the battery may need to be replaced so I purchased a new Canon battery from Amazon.  I c...

makii by New Contributor
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40D not triggering 430EX II but data works

Hi! I've got a 400D, 40D and a Speedlite 430EX II.The flash works just fine with my 400D but not with the 40D. 40D detects it and I can even change settings from my camera (and can see that they change on the flash). However, it just won't flash. I'v...

Time exposures at Night?

Hi, I just purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T3 1100 D Camera and I would like to know if I can take time exposures.I'm an Astronomer and I will be trying to take exposures of the sky at night. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ed Murray

40D Main Dial Issue

Hi All,Just wanted to know does anyone have a similar problem to mine or have thay seen it before. When I go to change ISO or metering mode in manual I press the relevant button and the relevant setting shows on the display but when I go to adjust th...

tommer by New Contributor
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Rebel t3i Flash output settings

I have a new rebel t3i when i set the flash to manual the flash output  level for the built in flash will not go higher than 1/4 power. it will go lower down to 1/128 power but not higher than 1/4. I contacted canon and they replied back that they do...

plow by Occasional Contributor
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