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wifi connection problems on 70d

I bought my 70d this summer and have used the wifi connection many times to access the pictures on my camera from my iphone.  I love this feature, as I can download the pictures to my phone and then share.  For some reason I cannot connect.  The sign...

YVETTE by Apprentice
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T5i questions

I've been an SLR user for many years and just got what I consider to be a good deal on a T5i new in the box. I'd like to get a couple extra batteries and was wondering about experiences from you'all. I really don't want to pay for an expensive Canon ...

Wingnusa by Apprentice
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canon t3 not focusing

Hi everyone,  My mom's Canon T3 has had problems with focusing recently. However, this is just on any of the auto modes (P, sport, macro, etc) and it will accurately focus on M, Tv or Av. This is not an issue with the 9 focus points, and while I know...

6D vs 5d mk III

Team, I come to this forum to see if there is anyone that can help me get closer to my goal of purchasing a full frame camera.  I currently have a 70D with an 85mm prime and a few other EF-s lenses.  After some research I have concluded that I will b...

Auto ISO problem, 7D

Hi, I've been using the 7D for professional video recording and recently encountered a strange problem after replacing the CR1616 battery and upgrading the firmware to 2.05. In video mode, I can't change the ISO setting or the shutter speed on any of...

Ilin by Apprentice
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Please HELP

I'm almost new to photographing,need advise...i had before Canon EOS 550D,but camera was stolen so i stop it.and now i'm planing to start again so i bought the CANON EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM LENS,and dont know with body could be good for it,i'm thinkin...


Hi,  I own a canon 60D and the standard kit lens and the 50mm 1.8. I now have to buy a film camera for a class and i wanted to know if, if i go for one of the canon rebel film cameras, the lenses will fit. Thank you for your help everyone

Resolved! Canon 6D shutter failure so soon?

Is this shutter failure? Camera is only a year and a half old? What is the best thing to do? Return it to Canon or fix locally as it is no longer under warranty! What kind of warranty does Canon give for it's repairs? Thanks:)

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