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Canon EOS 70D won't turn on


Today I was doing my friend's daughter's first birthday pictures when out of no where the camera just froze up, said "error" (on the LCD control panel, not the screen). I tried to turn it off, but it didn't go off. I took out of the battery and put it back in. At some point (I was flustered and can't recall) the camera turned off, but the memory card light stayed on. It eventually went off, but then the camera wouldn't come on at all. I tried doing some of the tricks online-turning the camera on and off, taking out the battery, taking out the SD card, checking the SD slot and battery spot. Nothing works. 😕 

I've seen many people ended up spending $400+ sending it to Canon to have this (or at least something that caused the same fate), but I'm not certain it's even worth it when you can buy a new body for $800.


Did anyone have an easy resolve? Did you have to send it to Canon? How much did it cost you?



Hello michellecorm, 


It sounds as though your camera may be in need of evaluation.  

You may fill out an online repair request form at the following link to setup your repair using our online service.

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Rising Star

Sell it as is and buy a 80D


There are many possiblities, I have a 5d Mkii, 70D and SL2.  What we have learned is that the 70D has four points of failure that will cause it to not power on.


1. Inside the battery door is a small switch that can break or get off center.  Use a small screwdriver to hold it down and test it is at the edge, and you can see a pin sticking out of the battery door that should press it down.


2. Inside the chip door, same problem, even smaller switch.


3. Battery cable comes loose inside camera body.  This is the inexpensive repair.


4. Motherboard fails due to overheating.  This is the big one that I would go with, skip it and upgrade to 80D body.  Keep your other stuff.


There is speculation on several forums that I agree with, that shooting video with the 70D will cause the overheat.  We used ours to shoot our web series and plates for green screen when it died.  


The SL2 was purchased as a backup, and is 95% of an 80D at a better price.  The small size of the SL2 makes it a bit difficult to use with better lenses, but the face tracking autofocus is great.  

Since we have a CPS account, we are going to take the 70D to our local Canon center and hope to repair it.  Like most we are not happy with the issue, especially since we were trying to shoot an episode 400 miles from the studio. Thanks to craigslist we found another body at a reasonable price.