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Canon T3i - Help With Video Settings

Hi, I just bought the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and I'm trying to optimize the settings for filming video but for some reason, it will not let me change the movie rec. size. It is set by default to 1920x1080 at 30fps but I want to change it to 24fps. The p...

Canon EOS 75D or 80D release date?!?!?

I am a proud owner of the Rebel T5i camera for just a couple of months now.  I am curious as to when Canon will release the replacement of their 70D model, which has been around for several years by now.  I've read the reviews on both Popular Photogr...

T3i stuck on "sensor cleaning" screen!

I haven't used my camera in about a month and today I turned it on and none of the buttons would work. The screen was just frozen but the "sensor cleaning" icon was flashing. It didn't even turn off. I had to remove the battery. Now, it's stuck on th...

Rebel t5i stuck in video mode.

I have a Rebel t5i and it seems to be stuck in video mode. Even when I turn the camera off, it stays on in the video mode. I have tried:- taking out the battery (as soon as I put it back in the camers, video mode comes back on regardless of whether t...

krarmstr by Apprentice
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Is my T3i dead?

Help!!!!!my t3i was showing error 70 and now it won't turn on. I can only get the read light next to the flash card to turn on some times. What should I do !! my T3i is my baby!!!

How to get rid of blue?

Using a T5, take a picture in Automatic mode of an object with white paper background in the shade on a bright day. Result: paper is blue. Try Basic mode, close-up (the flower icon). Set "Light/scene-based shots" menu to Daylight and then Shade. Resu...

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