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I just got my 70D a few days  ago and the pictures I take with the Auto modes will display, but the pictures I took with the SCN modes with not display, either on the camera's display or after using EOS to load them to my computer.  I get a "cannot p...

I/O Error

That would be Ignorant Operator Error.  I just purchased the T6i and the current issue I have is when I turn the camera on, I get what I assume to be an info status on the display.  (i.e. Close Up, Standard Setting, Defaut Setting,etc)  If I release ...

Resolved! Any tips on what I can do better?

So over the summer I got into photography, I went to a wedding down in Georgia and used my aunts Canon 70D. I feel like some of these pictures came out good. I am going to be getting the canon rebel t6 for Christmas. Anyways I was wondering if I coul...

Sjl755 by Contributor
  • 14 replies

hazy line in t3i

Hello, I'm having issues with a haze/line in some of my photos. I thought it was an lens issue, but It happens on almost all of my lens during certain positions while I shoot during "golden hour" I've had this camera for about 4 years now, and I'm wa...

cait_babb by Contributor
  • 12 replies

Resolved! Color halos, out of focus

Hi all! So whenever I shoot, the photos look great until I upload on the computer and view at 100%. Sometimes I get weird color halos, and every other time I just can't get crisp lines. (See photos) I use EOS Rebel T2i. I use manual and auto focus de...

Color Halo Out of focus at 100%

Resolved! EOS M10 questions

Good afternoon, I had two questions while trying to decide on purchasing this camera. Is there a mechanical switch remote control available or is it only through the app? (I want to use an arduino to remote control the camera)Can I download images fr...

Canon 6D 10x digital zoom

I recently upgraded from a t3i to a Canon 6D - 9& the t3i I was able to digital zoom up to 10x and capture video using a 100-400 lens. I can zoom in using 10x digital zoom with the 6D, however, when I try to record at that zoom, the camera zooms back...

shane825 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Upgrade?

With Black Friday deals being released I see there is a new Canon option available for purchase. I have the original T1i, and I am in the market for a new lense - at the very least. With the release of the T6 I'm wondering if buying a new lense is th...

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