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60d states "card write protected" on all cards...


My 60d now claims any SD card put into is as "write protected".  Any fixes with out having to return for repair?



Hi zebaron!


Thanks for posting.


Power the camera OFF and remove the battery, then check all of the memory cards to make sure that the tiny write-protect switch on the side of each card is in the unlocked position.  Reinstall the battery and try each card with the camera again.  If the same message is still displayed, the camera needs to be repaired.


To begin the repair process, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.



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It's the piss poor design of these chinsy SD cards. I'm on my secone card reader replacement after being oh so careful not to just shove the sd card in. a little brass bar gets bent out of shape and you have to replace the baord or to to extensive lengths to modify the board not to care about write protection anymore. Why we have that feature, I have no idea. Who uses that?

Anyway. Don't spend $250 to send in to get fixed when the part will cast just $20 on ebay.

Time to get rid of this SD card interface alltogether.

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