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Resolved! Digital EOS Rebel

Does anyone know if Canon has a "trade in" type program?  I have had my digital rebel since 2004 or 2005 (can't remember, it's been so long!)I'd like to upgrade to a newer model, but my current camera is still in working order, although the auto flas...

Cindym67 by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Canon Rebel T3i won't take photos

I purchased my T3i about a year ago. I haven't used it since October, and it was working fine. Yesterday, I tried to take a picture and it wouldn't work. I tried different memory cards, still nothing. Manual Focus, nope. When I turn it on itll take a...

A weird mark on images?

as you can see theres a weird mark on all of my images; I have the Canon Rebel T3 [not to be mistaken for T3i] and looked inside the sensors but didn't see anything wrong. any ideas on what this could be? tried blowing air into it like some tips have...

Titania by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Have I Fried my Hotshoe circuitry?

I saw a post on this forum replying to a question on A Vivitar flash and trigger voltage in respect to a T3i. I have just received for Christmas a Yongnuo yn560 ii for my T3i/600D and it's not working on the 600D but does work on my wife's Fuji HS20 ...

EOS M Write Speed

Wanted to pass this along and see if anyone else has tried this to improve write speed of EOS M. I set the Focus to Auto + M and it seems to have helped with the write time to the SD Card when using Auto focusing. Does anyone have any other suggestio...

bigtime by Contributor
  • 0 replies
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