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T3 Question

Hi I have the Canon T3 and recently got the sigma 85 mm 51.4 DG.  Beautiful lens.  Wondering if I should upgrade to the T6 or won't there be much difference in the quality?  Thanks


Hello. My camera is fairly new. About a year. I never really used the wifi function until last couple of months. I really love it but I am having general camera problems. Not sure if it is just user error or camera problem. Was hoping to maybe find a...

Resolved! Canon E05 1100D

I have an issue with my Canon E05 1100D.  Its set to autofocus yet when I depress the shutter a timer appears on the screen and it takes 8 seconds to take a photo. Sometimes its not taking photos at all.  I've looked at the manual but have been unabl...

Resolved! Canon 7D II battery drainage.

I can get 700-1000 exposures per battery charge on a freshly charged LP E6N battery, however, if I simply put a freshly charged battery in the camera and let it sit for a week (NO exposures) the battery level goes from 100% to 76%...! GPS checked as ...

wlocasto by Apprentice
  • 19 replies

Sharpness Issue - 5D Mk IV

I think I've got an issue with my 5D Mk IV. For whatever reason, my pictures that I shoot with my 600EXII are significantly sharper than ANY image I take with just natural light. I've taken images on a tripod on bright days and they don't look as goo...

rasorjb by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

! point

I am seeing a exclamation point on my viewfinder next to the battery charge indicator. What does it mean? I have replaced the battery with a full one and rest the camera. It won't go away. I have a 6D

Canon WFT-E8A

Hi.  I have a WFT-E8A conntacted to my 1Dx2.  I'm trying to use a Verizon JetPack (model #AC791L) to send images to my FTP. I got it set up and connected 1Dx2 to the JetPack, but when i try to transmit.....it keeps trying to send and never goes out. ...

70D remote access via the internet

Using the Canon Android app or some other utility, can I access the EOS 70D remotely? The camera is setup on my home wifi network. I want to be able to use the Camera Connect App or a similar one to take pictures and\or view pictures remotel, from ou...

davekstl by Contributor
  • 12 replies

Canon t3i screen problem-not turning on

Hi! I have a canon t3i (600D). The screen is not turning on unless the camera is connected to a monitor via a HDMI cable, even though the monitor is turned off. I have to say that i see through the viewfinder informations like ISO and more. I don't t...

Neewer NW985 with Canon 1100D + 80D

Hi All, I'm new to the forum so apologies if this isn't relevant but I've just been searching around for some help! I've been using a Canon 1100D and have been using a Neewer 985 with this. I've taken the plunge into a more advanced camera and have n...

Nexpro by Apprentice
  • 6 replies
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