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HDR Backlight control/SCN - Rebel T5i - Pictures always hugely over exposed no matter the settings.


I have a Rebel T5i with the OEM/standard lense and when I take pictures in SCN mode with the following settings:


tested with exposure comp./AEB setting @ 0, -1, -2, -3 stops etc. and +/- every stop up to max  (yes I remembered to press set!)


Every time the synthesized/combined after processing appears extremely over exposed.


The photos I take are of static shots of living rooms.  Nothing moving in the shots.  I use HDR to get as much detail no matter the lighting in the different parts of the particular scene.  Not for differential backlighting.


FYI, the more extensive background on this is that I had ANOTHER of these cameras (exactly the same camera. Rebel T5i) that was stolen out of my vehicle (San Francisco).  I routinely used SCN/HDR on that camera with no problems.  It worked extremely well.  It was the standard/primary method I used.  Never any issue with overly exposed images.

I purchased another to replace the stolen camera and now I am experiencing problems that I had never observed in the first camera.  I have watched videos on youtube and read several forums and guides and there has never been any mention of this type of issue so I would like to know if there are any suggestions as to how I should solve this problem or diagnose what is going on.




I believe the SCN/HDRBacklight mode automatically selects bracketing; you shouldn't be changing Exposure Compensation.



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic


If the basic images are OK, i.e., a series of images with the hump of the histogram going from left to right, it sounds like it is the HDR software, not the camera.

If the images do not show a shift from under-exposed to over-exposed than it is a camera problem.