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Canon 6D wifi connection to smartphone problem


I'm using 6D for a couple of weeks and I didn't have a problem with the Wi-Fi. Smartphone just can't see the cameras Wi-Fi and I can't connect them. Any solutions or explanation to this problem? I've also searched many forums and saw other peaople are having the same problem but haven't find how to fix it



Which phone are you using and can you provide a few details on what you've done?


There's an initial setup process for the first time you use the WiFi with a phone.  But the camera can "remember" that phone and setup so on subsequent uses it should be faster.  


I've never had a problem with an initial setup, but I have had problems with subsequent re-use of the connection.  In my case, I found that putting the phone into Airplane mode for a few moments (to disable the WiFi radio) and then turning it back on made the problem go away.



Other things...


#1  The camera can only have one connection method available at a time.  It can't use WiFi if you are using USB.  I'm guessing you're not using USB (because normally just enabling the WiFi disables the USB interface).


#2  The camera expects to be the provider of the WiFi network and it expects the phone to join the camera's network (not the other way around).  



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


Hey Folks! 


New to the forums but life-long Canon user...


Just got used 6D body and loving it so far!  Baffled by attempts at using WiFi however.  Looked at all I could find but my 6D is showing different options. Thanks to Suzi at Intrepid Freelance what I'm supposed to see:Canon 6D Wifi Manual Part 1   Intrepid Freelancer.png





But what I see on my 6D:




Soooooo - no matter what I've tried no way to get WiFi to work or connect. Also tried several times using Canon Connect app on my Galaxy S8 but that won't connect/work either.  


It's not big deal but really would like to know what's wrong here.


Thanks so much!



Don’t feel badly Daniel. IMHO the cannon 6D WiFi pairing process is completely non intuitive and overly complex. You configure the camera to become an access point with its own WiFi SSID and password and you join your phone to this. My iPhone 7 now finally joins my camera’s WiFi network but the cannon connect can’t find the camera. Luckily the old EOS Remote iOS app still works even though EOS Remote tells me to upgrade to Cannon Connect. Wondering if I’m missing a cannon 6D firmware update.


Thanks for your note....using Galaxy S8 Android as I said in my post - iPhone completely different.

Cannon 6D WiFi guide

Cannon 6D Mk II WiFi guide


Thanks for your note....the 1st youtube shows settings my 6D does not have in that menu - and the 2nd youtube is for 6D Mk II which is completely different.

Wow, sorry about that. The first video matches my 6D menu options. Good luck
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