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Question on live

Gentlemen/Mdm.:I purchased a used a EOS rebel TI 400 D cameraI did not know that the LCD screen did not display live viewI am disabled and use a tongue switch, which is only accessible for certain modelsI did not know that the model I purchased was n...

Canon 5D mark IV still/video

Can anyone tell me for certain which cable # will allow me to watch stills and video on my TV? I found the HTC-100 on Canon site but its application is a little ambiguous. I'd like it to be camera specific.

Original EOS 5D help

I've been shooting with an SL1 for about three years and wanted to upgrade to a full frame so I went to my local camera store to ask some questions. They had an original EOS 5D with less than 28K shutter count for only $410, so I bought it. It only c...

Upgrading from T2i - Body or Lens or both

I’m looking at upgrading from my T2i. I have the kit lens and a Tamron zoom lens.On a previous post of mine someone mentioned the Canon 80D. I would like to get a good lens for taking indoor photos.So questions:What body would you upgrade to and are ...

Sha0303 by Contributor
  • 5 replies

EOS Rebel T5 external audio options

I recently purchases a Canon EOS Rebel T5 online, I realized when I got the camera tha it was not a T5I as I thought (my fault for not paying closer attention) I am filming a movie using this camera and I WILL need external audio (i.e Shotgun mic) Ho...

Canon 1200 dead while taking picture

Hi everybody! I have a 1 year old canon 1200d , always worked perfectly since the other day while taking a picture. Suddenly the image through the lens blurred and then everything was black. Now i can't taking pictures at all, even if i press the bot...

Resolved! How To Record In Mp4 On Canon 7d EOS

My 7d eos records video in the .mov format and it is unviewable on my android phone (LG G4) after I move the video files over from the cameras sd card to my phone. I have to use an app that converts videos from .mov to .mp4, but it makes the videos f...

Cards for 4K video-5DIV

Hi, I will soon start to shoot 4K video (5DIV).I know from the camera´s manual the minimum specifications for CF and SD cards to record 4K.(UDMA 7/100MB/s or UHS-1/Class 3) Any opinions about CF/SD brands and models with good results from this commun...

Cunha by Rising Star
  • 14 replies
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