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Resolved! Flash

It makes a snapping sound when it’s trying to pop up but it seems jammed closed in the rear

Mferrymd by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Color off on Canon Mark IV

Hi Guys,  I have owned a Canon Mark III since around 2012.  I have always been very happy with it.  I added the Mark IV to my arsenal last December.  I have mostly been shooting with the Mark IV since then and having the Mark III as a backup.  I real...

Mark III std import applied.jpg Mark IV std import applied.jpg Rented Mark IV std import.jpg Mark III SOOC.jpg

6D wireless screen mirroring

I am setting up an EOS 6D on an Endodontists' microscrope that has a mounting bracket for the camera. He is wanting to show his patients what he is seeing through the microscope and the easiest thing I believe would be to do some sort of screen mirro...

built-in flash on 800D

I am trying to find a way to keep the built-in flash from firing when using an external (off the camera) flash. The flash is E-TTL compatible, and I'm able to communicate with it i.e. change the settings even when it is not attached. On page 219 in t...

HELP needed

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T3 with a Canon Zoom Lens EF 75-300mm 1: 4-5.6 III. I have always used my Canon in sports mode, as I am not sure how to set up the camera to allow more lighting while keeping pictures from becoming more blurred. I have tr...


Gday,  Ive noticed a couple of times when using TV mode the camera changes the shutter speed to what I select. I shoot motorsport and will use TV mode when i need to change quick settings. On the weekend i chose 1/800 half press the trigger and 1/320...

Ivica555 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Focus issues with rebel Ti

I just returned from a trip to South Dakota where I was taking a ton of outdoor photos and my autofocus starting going crazy on me.  I would attempt to take a shot from close in, far away, still shot, action, low light, lots of light and the camera w...

joew55 by Contributor
  • 9 replies

7D MII GPS logs downloads

Hello all, I’m trying to figure out how to download my GPS log file(s) from my 7D Mark II to my computer. I’m not after individual GPS location on a per photo basis, as I already have access to that. I really want a log of all the GPS locations recor...

Vavroom by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Rebel T3i constant busy message

My Rebel t3i is giving me a constant busy message after snapping a photo I can't view or take any more photos. I purchased a new battery, and memory card and updated to the new firmware version and it still isn't working. I get the message with both ...

Lochie by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

70D image recovery issue

hello all I had a photoshoot today with several hundred photos.  I previewed them as i was shooting and then scrolled through them in camera when I got home.  Later, I tried viewing my card in LR and only a handful of photos are there, others say 'pr...

Resolved! true functionality of metering modes?

Hey guys,   I got a 6DMKII to rent for the weekend (I'm currently a Sony shooter but used to shoot with a 6D) and i've got a question about the metering modes. I shoot cars, and have been told cameras nowadays are pretty good with correct exposure as...

No sound while video playback Rebel T6

Hi, I’m Brandy, I have a Canon Rebel T6. I took a video inside my house with my camera and played back my video from the Camera. The sound worked perfectly but it wasn’t loud but I can hear the sound through the camera. I went to Homecoming yesterday...

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