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Defective T6i??

I bought a new T6i in May from Adorama.com and I used it for recent trips, took thousand pictures. I upgraded my camera from XS(very old model) but I was so disappointed with T6i: I got focus issue when I used auto mode(some photos were good but some...

beeth by Apprentice
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White Balance Help

Late summer sports photography has proved to be a challange for me.  When the sun is high enough in the sky, I'm ok.  When the sun is down and the lights are on, I'm ok.  My problem is when the sun is low - my photos pick up a noticable orange tint t...

Sun High Under the Lights Low Sun
mish757 by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Confusion about 6d mkii headphone jack

I'm confused about something I just read on the CanonUSA website.  I'm planning on buying the new 6d mkii, but I've been bummed about the lack of a headphone jack, since I also shoot video. I was just reading some info on the Canon website, and it re...

oldguy by Apprentice
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So I broke the bank buying a 6D with a decent lens.  What about printing (UK)?  As much as I want to stem the money flow, I imagine that I need to step up from the general holiday type printers such as Snapfish?  Any advice on who to use? 

Lav Mic Recommendations for T5i

Hello! I have the T5i and I'm doing a documentary in which I will have at least 2 people being interviewed at once and I would like to be able to mic them both. I'm having a difficult time finding something compatible with it -- that has 2 mics.  If ...

Canon 80D ! button "greyed out"

My Canon 80D will not work as the Quick Menu doesn't allow access and I can't change/edit settings. It will take pictures but wont show them afterwards and no other buttons will work! if you have any ideas or need me to send you pictures feel free to...

Andyroo by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

EOS Rebel T6i Customising a Picture Style.

I have a T6i and I wanted to adjust the sharpness and contrast in Landscape and Portrait. So in page 127 it explains how to do this. I set my camera to Landscape and pressed the DOWN ( Blue Arrow on pic) button and it says "This feature not available...

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Looking for advice

I currently have a T5i and looking to upgrade to the T7i and was wondering if this is the right way to go. I like to take potraits and action shots (Mostly of horses inside and outside) My current t5i seems to be blurring lately or takes a long time ...

Resolved! Canon 1DX Mark II vs. Canon 5D Mark IV

I want to know the differences and pros and cons between these two cameras for VIDEO. So far I can't really tell the difference between the two cameras for video besides the 1dx mark II can record 4K 60FPS? Thanks in advance for any replies!

Eclipes help PLEASE. I'm NEW

Hey, everyone, I am very new with my camera I have only had it about 3 months (my birthday) and I really want to photograph the solar eclipse on Aug 21st. I will be in the direct path of totally and I have been reading all kinds of articles about how...

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