To communicate with a smartphone, the dedicated smartphone application Camera Connect (free of charge) is necessary.




Step 1: Connecting the Camera to the Smartphone (Basic Settings)

The position and shape of the operation buttons may differ depending on the model you use.



1. Turn the camera and the smartphone on.



2. Press the camera's [MENU] button to display the menu screen.

When the Auto Power Off setting is activated, the camera may turn off automatically when connected to other devices via a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi). As connections will be ended if the camera turns off, setting [ ] tab > Auto Power Off to [Disable] is recommended.



3. Press the [ ], [ ] keys to select the [ ] tab.



4. Press the [ ], [ ] keys to select [Wi-Fi/NFC], then press [ ].



5. Press the [ ] key to select [Enable], then press [ ].
For smartphones equipped with NFC features, press the [INFO] button to add [ ] to [Allow NFC connections].

When using an Android smartphone (OS version 4.0 or later), check if it is NFC-enabled.
Smartphones labeled with the mark are NFC-enabled. Some smartphones are not labeled with the mark even if they are NFC-enabled; if you do not know whether your smartphone is NFC-enabled, contact the manufacturer of the smartphone.


Select [OK], then enter the nickname. You can Enter any characters between 1 to 14 characters in length.
When you are finished, press the [MENU] button.
Select [OK] on the confirmation dialog and press [ ] to return to the menu screen.
* For more information on using the keyboard, please refer to Additional Information: Using the Virtual Keyboard.







Step 3: Viewing and Saving Images with the Smartphone

1. Select [Images on camera] from the Camera Connect main window on the smartphone.



2. Save images from the camera to the smartphone.
When the connection has been established, the images stored in the camera will be displayed in [Camera Connect] as shown in the example image below.
Tap the [ ] button appearing at the bottom of the screen.



3. When the selection screen is displayed, choose the desired images (), and then tap [Save] ().
The selected images will be saved to the smartphone.



4. After the images have been saved, tap the home button in the top left of the screen to return to the menu.



5. To end the connection, tap the [ ] icon in the upper right of the screen, then tap [Yes] when the confirmation screen appears.



This concludes the procedure for sending images to a smartphone via a wireless LAN.



*Android, and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.
  • When viewable images are specified, functions of Camera Connect will be limited.
  • While connected, a picture cannot be taken even if the cameraâs shutter button is pressed.
  • Depending on the connection status, image display or shutter release may become slower than usual.