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Canon EOS RP - Squeaky Shutter Button


Hey guys,


Just purchased a brand new canon eos RP but I have concerned over a really squeaky shutter button.


My old T3i doesn't have this issue and I don't have any other cameras to compare it to.


Is this defective or normal?


<turn on sound to listen> here








Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi JZC007,


Thanks for checking in with us!


Based on the clip you sent, it does seem like the shutter is slightly noiser than I would expect. Does that only happen when you are testing the button by putting pressure at various points, or does it happen even when you take photos with the button? If so, you may wish to check with the dealer who sold you the camera to see if you can set up an exchange.


Another option is to email us at with details about your camera, your date of purchase, and the state from where you are sending the camera, and we'll walk you through setting up a warranty repair.

Hey Nick!


I ended up returning the camera back to bestbuy as a defective camera.


I ordered a brand new canon eos rp with kit lens via direct Canon's website and it arrived today!


I don't know if I am unlucky or something but the battery that arrived won't charge to green status and it got really hot.


It's been charging for 5-6 hours before i decided to stop. I popped it into the RP and it works but I took it back out after 10 mins of setting the camera up. The battery was hot again for just 10 mins of use.


The new RP seems fine with no squeaky buttons etc.

Is there way to just return the battery and get a replacement battery?


I don't want to use this battery or return another camera as defective.



Hey there,


The battery definitely sounds like it is experiencing some kind of malfunction, it should not get hot to the touch under normal shooting conditions. I recommend calling in and talking to someone live about the battery. They're available M-F 9am-7pm EST at (800)652-2666.