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Canon 5D Mark iv takes pictures and then stops

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Help! My Canon 5D Mark IV will take about 5 pictures and then stops. The Autofocus is working. I can see the green light and the picture is in focus but it won't take the photos. I've turned the camera on/off, changed out the battery pack, changed the SD card, quadruple checked the settings, changed out the lenses, and even factory reset. After the reset my camera took about 10 pictures and then stopped again. Any idea of what could cause this?


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you try with a cf card? or just sd card sounds like you may have a bad sd card port

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Are you using a bracketing mode? 


Are you talking about 5 shutter presses or continuous shooting?

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"... and even factory reset."


Do this again, clear all settings and clear all custom setting, too.  Set it to P mode. ISO 200 and Average WB. Set you lens to AF with the lens switch. Format both the CF and SD cards.  Now don't change or set anything else. Nothing.  On a nice bright day try it out side on various subjects.  If it works there isn't anything wrong with the camera. You set something wrong. If it does not work call Canon for service.

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