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Programs and lens

Hi, complete newbie here.  I have three questions. 1)  I downloaded eos utility, digital photo professional and picture style editor.  What is the difference between eos 2 and eos 3, is it just one is wireless and the other is for plugging in? 2)  Wi...

Resolved! 6D mark ii and radio triggers

i am using a 6D2, and I am trying to set up an off camera flash using radio triggers. I previously had a 70D and used Neweer brand speedlights and triggers, and they worked perfectly fine. I upgraded to the 6D2 and my old flash setup did not work. th...

tyahl01 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Red AF points not illuminating

Recently purchased a Canon 60D and whenever I autofocus I get the beep signalling focus has been obtained and the photos are in focus. However, the AF points do not illuminate red showing me where the focus point is. I have changed AF modes servo/one...


6d mark 15d mark 3I just recently bought a new 50mm 1.2. On my 6d I was able to get good focus after micro adjustment at -10. On my canon 5d mark 3 it’s still seems to be off at -20 and is not as sharp as the 6d. I used the spyder lens cal and a trip...

Issues with External Mic on T3i

Hey guys,I have a Canon Rebel T3i and a HTDZ unidirectional condenser mic (HT-81). When I plug my external mic into the mic jac, the mic doesn't capture the audio, the camera still does it. Even though the external mic is plugged in, the camera mic i...

Mckalez by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

rebel T6i display upside down when opened

Pulled out my 3 week old T6i today and turned it on, opened the display, twisted, flipped in to body and the display is upside down.  Not sure what I did,  can't find any setting or button to fix this.  Checked and auto rotate is on.

bdewitt by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Send images to iPad via wi-fi?

I've managed to set up wi-fi on my 80D, and connect with the Canon Camera Connect app to view images and control shooting remotely. Is it possible to do this with my iPad instead of the iPhone? I can't seem to get the camera and the iPad to see each ...

Resolved! SL2 wireless connection capacity question

I bought this phone for my son who mostly, but I will infrequently be using it as well. He had no problem linking it up to his phone, however the optioned were already dimmer out when trying to pair a second phone. Is there a single phone limitation?...

LCD won't display

Hello, my Canon EOS Rebel XS's LCD is not displaying anything, on all modes. I have tried removing the battery and moving the eyecup around, even though the rebel xs has no button or sensor above the eyecup, but no luck. When I turn it on I can still...

amendoza by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! 60D AC Power adapter failure

Greetings, and thank you in advance for any help. Here is my issue. I have a 60D, and it's been a workhorse for the past year. I shoot product 4 times a week, averaging about 125-150 shots a day. I've never had a problem. My camera is connected to my...

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