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My canon 70D is not turning on.

Dear All,Greetings. My name is Al Amin and I am from Bangladesh. I am an amateur Photographer. I am using canon 70D with 50 mm lens. Today I was capturing photos with live view mode.Suddenly it hanged and showed the Error message on the dash board. A...

70D Shutter Replacement

My two year old 70D shutter recently developed an issue and I believe needs replacement. When opening the mirror, you can see a piece of the shutter mechanism hanging down and not properly retracting, and there is a bright over exposed portion on all...

Jaw3000 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Rebel 7 color wrong and not crisp

I just upgraded from the rebel 3 to the 7 and I am disappointed.Hoping I didnt make a huge mistake with this purchase. In AUTO mode, photos are not crisp and the color is not accurate. Appears warmer than it really is and photos have a graininess to ...

Canon SL2 and 430EX III RT

Was wondering if this combo is compatible to use a the camera's flash as a slave to fire the 430 wirelessly. I just dug into the menus of both devices and its looking like its not. Can anybody help me out? Thanks in advance.

EOS T5 Not taking pictures

I removed the SD card and pulled the images off of it then I placed it back and reformated the card. It took 4 pictures one in Full auto one in AE, P, Tv. After this it has stoped taking photos at all.  Some times it will say Bussy other times it jus...

kosan86 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Transfer GPS Trace to Memory Card

Hi, I'm trying to get GPS traces off a Canon 5D Mk IV... The camera has been set in mode 2, and images are showing as having geo-tagged locations. I went into the GPS options menu and directed the camera to transfer the traces to the CF card - this t...

Focus Points - What am I doing wrong?

Hi everyone at the Canon forum. My name is Sherilyn and I'm a beauty youtuber using a Canon EOS 70D with a sigma 18-35mm. (Although this issue occurs with all of my lenses bar my 28mm pancake)I'm currently having some trouble getting my camera to foc...

grwm.00_11_03_02.Still003.jpg grwm.00_06_32_10.Still002.jpg grwm.00_06_01_22.Still001.jpg

canon 60d won't take photo vertical position

Hello, I have canon 60d that doesn't take photo at all when in vertical 90 degrees and shows err20.Like something gets stuck when trying to take a photo. (no click)Also, when removing the objective the mirrors wont flip when clicking the 'take photo'...

elis02 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Question about formatting memory cards

Recently, in response to someone who was having trouble with a camera after switching an SD card between a Canon and a Nikon camera, I suggested that the card always be formatted in the camera it was going to be used in.  In response to this, I was t...

StanNH by Rising Star
  • 4 replies
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