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I did not attempt to fly one yet. But, I am dying to do one!  Do I need any special training before I can fly a drone? I asked

Best drones guys, they said I don't need any particular special skill, they will send a manual with their product so that I can learn easily from that guide.

And, another question, Do I need any special permission to fly a drone? 



Whether you need permission depends on what country you live in and where you intend to fly it. There are strict rules that must be followed wherever you live and I would suggest that you look into this before you attempt to fly it.


Hi everyone,


I want to let everyone know who are worried about their first flight, and afraid to break their quadcopter drone.

First of all, flying a quadcopter isn't a difficult task. These days most of the new drones coming are easy to fly for beginners. Anyone can operate them with minimal efforts. It is advised to attempt your first flight with propellers guards. Also, most quadcopters offer multiple speed modes. Therefore, it is highly suggested always to start flying with slow speed mode, then gradually go for higher speed levels.


Be sure to fly these quadcopters at the designated flying spaces, as flying near the airport may cause accidents. Similarly, operating near roads may distract drivers and may cause mishaps. Like every technology, there are advantages and disadvantages of drones. So be a responsible citizen, respect the privacy of people around you. Fly safe

Happy drone flying 🙂

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