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EOS 850D, SD card not showing on windows 11


Hi everyone, I have just bought an EOS 850d.
Playing about with it today to try and get used to settings etc, took a few photos and wanted to view them on my PC. I used a micro sd card plugged into an sd card adaptor, card is correct spec etc. Photos show on camera as on card but when I plug the card in to my PC it doesn't show the drive being plugged in. I thought it might be an issue with card reader but it recognised the sd card I put in from my drone.

Any ideas why this sd card that was formatted in my camera wouldn't be showing up on windows at all?


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You should be using a full-size SD card and not a micro SD card with an adaptor. They are known to cause problems in the camera. If you have picture files on the card, I would try another card reader and cable. I highly recommend getting a full-size SD card and not using the micro SD card for your camera.

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You could connect the camera to your computer with a USB data cable to try to transfer the files in the camera memory card to your computer. After getting them off the card, don't use the micro card for the camera.



You can use an IFC-600PCU cable and Canon's EOS Utility software for the transfer.

The cable is sold seperately ,and you can buy it direct from Canon. The software is free from Canon.

I use it all the time with my 850D.

See p.707 in your Manual.

Steve Thomas


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You don't need the EOS Utility to transfer photos, Windows File Manager will see the camera's memory card. 


I transfer photos with a standard SD card to Explorer. It takes a couple of extra steps as opposed to W10. I load directly by inserting the card into a slot on my laptop. I used a card reader but eliminating that one extra thing would be better.

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“ I used a micro sd card plugged into an sd card adaptor, card is correct spec.

No, a micro-SD card with an adaptor is not supported in any Canon DSLRs.  The User Guide is quite specific in stating SD, SDHC, and SDXC.  The micro-SD card types are not listed and are completely different card type.

Only use full size cards that you have bought from a factory authorized Canon dealer.  These vendors are 100% reputable, unlike most of the vendors that you may encounter in online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.  Always be sure to format memory cards in the camera prior to first use.

Also, the memory card in the camera is not a recommended place to store photos.  Download them to a computer at the earliest opportunity.  

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