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EOS 7D Err 30 in Movie Mode only

 Hi, My 7D gets an Err 30 only when I switch to Movie Mode or Live View Mode and press the Start/Stop button. I can take pictures with no errors at all in very creative mode. Customer Service at Canon suggested I clear all custom functions and clear ...

Help needed for images reading "?"

i have the cannon rebel eos t6. i need assistance in recovering images i took last night. The first 20 i am able to preview, playback, and download to my computer , etc. However, after those it stopped playingback the remaining 40 or so i took afterw...

70D mount won't reattach

I removed the mount plate from my 70D in order to fix a problem, and now it won't go back on. The screws act like they aren't gripping anything. The reason I took it off was that it started to say I couldn't use flash because I had an external flash ...

Canon Rebel T3 Weird Noise

Hi everyone! Im a noob in this camera world, recently I bought a second hand rebel t3. Everytime I use the camera theres a buzzing like noise coming from the camera. I am not so sure whether its coming from the lense or the camera. After I take out t...

Image review glitch

I was shooting with my 6D (several years old) and I took a card out and put a new one in (always formatting).  When I did this the 2 second preview was fine.  But upon image review there was a small grey square of pixels (5% of total frame) in the lo...

Back Button Focus vs Speedlight Auto Shutoff

I set the "star" button on my Rebel T3i to use as my back-button focus. Now that I'm discovering/experimenting with flash photography, the directions from my owners manual state "To cancel the slave unti's auto power off, press the camera's <*> butto...

rhodesmk by Contributor
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Optimal Shutter speed?

Hi, I’m looking to buy a new camera. I currently have the Canon Rebel XT and I also have the Canon EOS 60D I am in the market for a new camera and I’ve been doing some research and I’ve found many cameras, but I have been wondering if the maximum shu...

canon 550d turn off when rotat it

hii have my canon was working perfectlywhile i was traveling was in my suitcasebut when iv tried to turn it on wontafter i slap it its onbut when its on if i shake or move it to the right or left it turn off againi want your help if there is a soulut...

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