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Main Dial Troubleshoot

Afternoon guys Long story shortHave had a 600d for a while. Main Dial stopped working. A while back maybe.Basically bought a new top unit (part that contains main dial.) Bit of a big job soldering job, fixed it. Camera works fine, but dial still isnt...

5D mk4 raw file preview windows?

Hey there, I apologize if this has been asked before. I searched but didn't find anything. Does anyone have a solution to watching 5D mk4 raw files in Windows? I had a mk2 before this one, no issue. My friend has the 1DX mk2, no issue. I've googled t...

Is this real 5D Mark II

Hello guys, so I just bought the Canon 5D of my friend and I noticed that the buttons look different from other 5D. it was matte not glossy and all buttons are like that. Please see attached pictures.thank you I cant sleep thinking about it cause its...

28959432_10211211356344453_1126928117718319104_n.jpg 28872193_10211211364144648_6501174361095929856_n.jpg 28870755_10211211362424605_738733283990306816_n.jpg 28958499_10211211356304452_8207631701782822912_o.jpg

Movie Settings for T5i

Hi Everyone, I just purchased my T5i and have some questions about setting up the movie mode. After setting up the camera to shoot stills in manual mode, I switched the "On...Off" lever to movie mode and then began going through the settings screens....

Vanon66 by Enthusiast
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dead 70D

My Canon 70D was working great until I started using it for video.At first the camera would freeze after awhile and I could fix it by turning on/off or taking the battery out.I thought it might be a bad sd card so I got a new one and things were work...

Resolved! *Emergency* Video footage missing on CF Card

Shot footage today on a rented Canon 5D Mark IIIThe footage was checked and verified on set.Audio and video were perfect and functional (on the camera).Took the CF card home to transfer files to the mac and the card was empty and the footage was gone...

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