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Camera won't let me access photos I took?


Hi there. I took some photos that I'd like to upload to my computer-- but for some reason I can't? For context I have a Canon EOS M50.


I tried plugging in my sd card and it had every photo except for the ones I took that day. So I gave it a week and tried again-- and again it didn't work. I tried using the bluetooth function and app, and it ony had photos from like 3 months ago and before. I need these photos on my computer as soon as possible. What am I doing wrong?



Is it a full size card, or a micro card with adapter?

I'm not really sure of the terminology, but I bought it with the camera. It's a SanDisk Ultra 32 GB, it doesn't have any adapter, it just fits in with the camera. I just got off the phone with text support and it seems theres either a problem with my camera or with my sd card. I guess there's my answer 😕

Can you put the card in the camera and see the photos that you recently took?


BTW, buy a new SD card.  Buy a 32GB Sandisk UHS-I card.  No need to buy a high capacity card.  


What type of computer are you using, or transferring the files to?  Just before you initiate a transfer, have tried to manually select which files you want to download?

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As first doublecheck if the pictures are not already on the computer folder but just coming out at the end or at beginning of the list or at the end, eventually after any subfolder you may have in that folder.
It happened to me with the EOS M6 that since few pics were not JPG but CR2 I could not see them in the order I expected them.
Also since I did not have a proper extension I could not see them as picture using the large icon view. If that is the case you need either to use Canon DPP to open them or to install an additional software in order to be able to visualize these files properly.


"What am I doing wrong?"


Try a separate SD card reader. Use your comouter's file handling app to see if they are truly there.

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