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EOS Rebel XS Issues with Memory Cards

Hello! I have had my EOS Rebel XS for over a decade. I have never had any issues with it until recently where it won't work with my memory cards. I have primarily used a Transcend 16 GB card and a SanDisk Ultra 16 GB card. Recently, I ran out of spac...

Canon 70D; AF stuck in video mode

Hi there!I have a Canon 70D and I've been trying to figure out why I can't switch AF mode when I'm in video mode. When I'm in picture taking mode, I can switch my AF from OneShot to Focus to Servo but when I switch to video mode, I am locked into AF ...

90D looses autofocus

Sometimes (happening more often)Seems lately that the autofocus looses its focus at the wrong time.both in the manual mode and in the full auto position. Any one else experiencing this

Dmcd3055 by Contributor
  • 4 replies

R6 sharpness issue on Moon photos

OK, here's my problem.  Taking pictures of the moon.  Have R6 using Canon EF 100-400L and Canon 2x III extender.  Using Canon EF-RF adaptor.  I am using manual focus so the focusing is not different.  Using a very sturdy tripod and attached shutter r...

EOS 1300D Screen Goes Blank, Camera Freezes

Hi I have a question on how I can resolve the problem that i have with my Cannon 1300D, when I want to take a picture using my LCD screen, the screen just goes blank and the camera freezes totally. When i switch it off and on again nothing I have to ...

Khaya by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

EOS 5D Mark IV Main Dial Unresponsive

The main dial on my 5D is no longer working properly: only every 3 or 4 turns does it do anything. Very frustrating when trying to select aperture.Two questions:1. Has anyone had the dial repaired through Canon, and what was the cost?2. I could reass...

EOS Rebel T7 Won't Format Memory Cards

I have a rebel t7. everything was working fine. I took my sd card out to transfer some pics and then put my sd card back in. Now it says not formatted and wont format. Bought new sd 32 wont format tried 64 wont format. changed sd card formats wont fo...

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