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Resolved! Canon 70d very blurry

Hi I am new bee to photography. I have a canon 70d which isnt giving sharp images.i tried to remove the lens and shoot .as soon as I remove the lens everything is very blurry and out of focus I just see a very blurry and out of focus image through vi...

rbatchu by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Aspect Ratio of Pictures Won't Change

Hi there, I've got a Canon Rebel SL1. It's my first proper camera, and I got it second hand from a friend.  I've gone into the menu settings to change the aspect ratio of the pictures (to 4:3), but no matter what I change it to, it always takes pictu...

Resolved! Battery Compartment clip broken

Hi,  I have a grey Rebel XTi body and the small clip that locks the battery compartment door fell off and I can't find it. The door still closes but it doesn't lock so I have to hold it in place with my fingers in order to take pics otherwise it will...

un_ave by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

Canon T6i

Have a Canon T6i that the built in flash has stopped working. I have checked all the settings, and it still doesn't work. Has anyone tried replacing the flash? If so, how difficult of a job is it? Any ideas on how to determine if it is the flash unit...

Kyteris by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

ID Photos

Hello, I work for a travel agency and we use the Rebel T6 for pass*port photos. We have tried multiple settings in order to reduce shadows behind the ears/neck of our clients however, we keep running into that shadow issue. Right now I have it set on...

tfreeze by Apprentice
  • 7 replies

Locked photos

On my mac my photos started to download in locked position. I checked my sim card and that wasn't locked. I check ,y mac info and thats not locked but when you transfer a photo to shutterfly or my phone they are black. So I have to open my photo and ...

EOS R timelapse settings for sunrise

i want to shoot an in camera sunrise time lapse on a tripod with a fixed aperture. or sunset to but mostly sunrise.i am using a 2 second interval and 3600 exposures. i would like the camera to vary the shutter speed and iso. i would like to set the i...

Resolved! Slow shutter release

I own tow cannon 80D camera bodies so I can keep each with a diffenent lense when my subject changes from far away to close. One of my 80D bodies shutter release works fine in automatic + mode but is very slow when I change to AV or other special mod...

Sigma/80D Focus Problem?? (Long)

New to forum, first post: I have been shooting with my 80D for a couple of years but lately I have been submitting to Shutterstock.  You're probably aware of their requirments for technical excellence and it sort of smarts to get photos rejected.  On...

Sigma Art 18-35 Focus Test.JPG

Resolved! EOS R Autofocus Advice needed

Having focus problems when using  auto exposure bracketing (3 shot) The third exposure always comes out blurry. I am using a quality tripod and a shutter release. Also having focus issues on single shots. I shoot Real Estate for work, landscapes for ...

Canon 80d flash problem

I just received the 80d 2 weeks ago and it appears I already have an issue. The automatic flash pops up when taking pics in low light, but doesn't fire correctly and sometimes not at all. The 1st time I used it for Christmas lights with my family and...

No Image Review on 5DSR

I have my image review set for 4 seconds after I take a picture on my 5DSR however, nothing shows up.  It's a blank screen.  Is there some other setting I need to make to get the image to show up after I take a shot?

tdehan by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies
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