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Does anyone else here do Harness Racing I really love it so much fun 
So I took these with my EF 70-220 on my R6 I been thinking of getting a wide angle lens but I am wondering if these was better  
Hello everyone, I was wondering does Canon trade-ins for their cameras for new ones for I have a Rebel t3 and T5 that I no longer use and wonder if I trade them in would it help me with getting a mirrorless camera?
 Canon80D EF 70 200 lens ISO 6400 190mm f/ 2.8 1/1000 This is my most liked and commented photo by fans, parents and players. What do you all think?
I am a little green from not shooting baseball in over a year and could use some major CCCanon 80DLen EF 70-200 f/2.8ISO 1600200mmf/2.81/1000sec 
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