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EOS Rebel t3

I'm fairly new to this photography game and I just picked up a rebel t3. The question I have is can the camera autofocus without holding the shutter button or the AE button? Can it focus on anything that I point to automatically or that doesn't work ...

e13ment by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Static while shooting video inside

So I bought my wife the Canon Rebel T7I Video Creator Kit for Christmas this year. Out of the box we started shooting video at our Christmas party. When we reviewed the video we noticed static in some of the less lit places. We have tried all the set...

Canon 5D Mark iv Firmware Questions

I'm looking to purchase the full frame sensor 5D mark iv...I've been reading articles and studying up on the attributes of the camera over my Canon 7D ii....I've seen several owners make remarks about issues requiring 'a fix" that comes with updates ...

iris by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

5Ds red light blinking in viewfinder

HiAny idea why the redlight (illuminating grid & focusing points) in the viewfinder of my 5Ds would be constantly blinking when I set the AI SERVO mode? - This does not happen in the ONE SHOT or AI FOCUS modes.In all modes however, the focusing red l...

Markeran by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Major issue with DPP.

After editing my RAW images. I'm trying to prosess them from RAW over to JPEG. But this box pops up and says: "Can not wright to file". Can someone help? Thanks. Allan Love Jr.Blair, Neb. 

MMC card tecognized but not SD card

Hi! My trust 16GB SD card suddenly couldnt be accessed on my camera, neither could any of the three other SD cards i tried. But a random 32 MB MMC card worked just fine. Unfortunately, it could only fit 3 photos I am suspecting something’s wrong with...

Canon 1DX MKII Shooting Mode Confusion.

I have not needed the experienced advice of this forum for several months because your previous advice/help was so very useful.  However, I have run into a bit of a issue pertaining to the Shooting Modes of my 1DX MKII. I have a pretty good working u...

LanceA by Enthusiast
  • 23 replies

Mysterious MP4 won't play on computer

I just got this Canon Rebel SL2 a few weeks ago.   I've copied all my pictures and videos from it to my computer and all of them played/displayed perfectly...... except for this last video I took yesterday.   It's 9 minutes long and a little over 4 G...

T6 Double shooting

Hello! New here and new to my t6. I have gone over all of the settings but am I missing something? Manual mode, manual focus, bracketing, self-timer 2 seconds..... When I click the shutter button, it takes 3 pics, then pauses, and takes 3 more identi...

Issues w/ T7i auto ISO--help pls

I just switched from Nikon D200.  I'm looking for a setting which will allow me to shoot aperture priority but which will maintain the shutter speed at a set minimum by adjusting the ISO as needed (auto ISO.)  I can see the ISO automatically increasi...

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