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m100 lens error with 15-45mm kit lens but works with manual lens


Hi All!


I recently purchased a EOS M100, which came with the 15-45mm kit lens (autofocus). This is my first interchangeable lens camera and I am learning new things all the time (with more to come, I hope). I was greatly disappointed when the camera arrived - the body appears to work but throws a 'lens error' and automatically shuts down the camera when I attached the 15-45mm kit lens.


I contacted Canon Support and they suggested I send both in for service/repair. So, I did so. Well, they responded by saying that they no longer service/repair this 4-year-old camera (or lens), but would happily replace both for the tidy sum of $480. Not really wanting to pay again for a camera I had just purchased, I pressed back and asked them to independently test the camera body from the lens. They came back saying my body was working fine but the lens was throwing an error (#60).


I declined the expensive replacement for the lens by itself ($150) and had Canon Support send my camera and lens back to me. They only sent the camera. I had already ordered a new replacement for the kit lens, so no problem. I also purchased a 7 Artisans 25mm manual focus lens. They both arrived yesterday! I excitedly popped on the 7 Artisans lens and after making the shutter release adjustment in the menu, was happily clicking away with shot after shot. (My dog was NOT a patient photo subject, ha!) But, when I popped on the NEW 15-45mm autofocus kit lens, the original lens error appeared again!


When I look at the touchscreen (without a lens attached) I see the letters "MF" under the Q (quick menu) button in the upper right-hand corner. I believe the means Manual Focus. This "MF" appears in Auto, Manual, or Video mode selected with the toggle on the top of the camera. I have been hunting around looking for how to switch the Focus Mode from MF to AF (or AF+MF) but that option is nowhere in the menu (though it appears in the User Manual dated 2017:


I am hoping you smart folks could help answer a couple of questions:


1. Did the Focus Mode go away with an update? Is there a way to get it back? Is it under a different title?


2. Do you think changing the Focus Mode to AF would help my camera recognize the autofocus kit lens? Any other ideas to get my kit lens to work correctly? (I am working off of the assumption that Canon Support is correct and the camera body IS operating correctly...)


3. If I can't get the AF mode to operate, I can live with that, at least until I can save for another camera body. (But, I am disabled, so that may take a while!) That being said, I have the 25mm from 7 Artisans - what should I get for my next lens? I am primarily interested in street photography, close-range photography, and vlogging (all outdoors). I'm a BIG fan of bokeh! From what I have read, a 50mm (with an adapter, if needed) might be a good choice. Do you have any other suggestions for an interesting budget lens <$200? I would like at least one more lens while I look for my next camera - which will likely be another Canon M series so I can easily use these lenses with that new body.


Thanks in advance for the knowledge! I bought this camera 6 weeks ago and today was the first time I was able to shoot a pic. While a manual lens will force me to learn about framing, focus, lighting, shutter speed, ISO, and aperture, having to learn ALL of it ALL at once is like drinking from a fire hose! Any help to get the kit lens working is greatly appreciated!

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