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Resolved! 5DS Multicontroller alternative

I'm using my 5DS in an underwater housing, and no access to "Multicontroller"  How to I chance items on the screen?  i.e. scroll from AF operation to metering mode to drive mode, etc...  I can scroll thru the AF point selection, but not the main scre...

jconey by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

EOS 70D - Mode Dial problem...

Hi ... I'm Patricio from Argentina.One week ago I received from the U.S. a Canon EOS 70D.It worked ok until yesterday. Since today, when I want to choose different modes with the dial mode, the camera just sets: P or A+ (auto). - If I select A+ mode ...

EOS 70D - Mode Dial Problem...

Resolved! deleting memory card files canon EOS20D

I am kindof new to using this type of camera, but I was wondering if there is a way to erase selected batches of photos. I can connect my camera to the computer with the cable, and delete photos one by one, but when I select a folder and delete, it p...

90D or 6D mkII?

I am currently using a T6 and hoping to upgrade and capitalize on some black friday/boxing day sales. I am bouncing back and forth between the 90D and 6D mkII. Both are in my price range and I have already invested quite heavily in L glass, so I am n...

Microphone not working (internal mic)

Hello Everyone, I have a canon 6d, everything is working great except when I record videos the microphone is not recording. I tried going back to factory settings. I tried the manual mode, and changing the volume but when I get to this step it does n...

79444463_974459769607781_4507086329066029056_n.jpg 78568692_434553837209481_8150840624833101824_n.jpg

Center AF for Metering on all bodies??

up until the release of the 5D MkIV (and maybe the d1s) I believe all canons use only the center AF point to meter (even if you are using one of the other AF points to focus).Is this still the case for the 5DMkIV and the EOS R mirrorless?

Maria by Enthusiast
  • 10 replies

Resolved! EOS Rebel T 5 and 7

My poor camera the EOS Rebelt T 5 has finally quit working BUTmy question is .If I order a Body of a Rebel T 7 would the lenses from my T 5 be compatible ??I thought it was maybe just the battery on my T 5 but after ordering new ones it still isn't w...

Barby64 by Enthusiast
  • 14 replies

Resolved! EOS R - Trouble Turning on AEB

 Hi I just got an EOS R and I am having an issue getting it into the AEB mode, to take 3 bracketed shots. I have no problem setting this up on my 70D but not so for the R. I am probably missing something obvious. I have done the following:  Set the n...

stevecb by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

M50 Screen flickering black

So the screen on my M50 has been flickering black for a fraction of a second anytime there’s movement in the camera. When I move it, set it down, any type of very minor bump it happens. The screen turns back on immediately, but it’s still rather irri...

birds in flight/gimbal and 7dm2 questions

Hi all, I'm new to the page. I am still learning, and would appreciate some help. One of my favorite things to do is to video birds in flight. My husband is a master falconer, so i get to be up close and personal with the hawks and falcons. The birds...

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