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Canon Kiss X9i (T7i or 800D) - ERR 70


Hey guys,

I have a Canon X9i, I took pictures and videos normally. I knew about the webcam feature but had never used it, I thought it was with EOS Utility, I downloaded the program, tried to connect the camera with USB, when opening the program, it recognized the model and the camera showed an error 70, telling me to turn it off and on , and try to remove and insert battery.
But without success, since then the camera is locked, I can't take pictures, I can't access the menu. I've tried turning it on and off, removing the battery, removing the lens, change lens, turn on without the memory card, always the same error 70.
I got in touch with Canon Brazil, but they informed that the camera is imported and they can't do anything.

Does anyone have an idea what it might be? How to fix?


Sorry by english, translated by Google.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi raphaelfiga,


That error suggests that the camera is running into an image-related problem. It sounds like you've already tried much of what we would suggest, but there are a few more things we can check.


I suggest that you disconnect any accessories that we don't make then remove the battery and memory card and leave them both out for about five minutes. During this time I suggest that you check the camera to see if any buttons appear stuck or out of place. If so try to gently nudge them back into position.


After you've confirmed that the battery is fully charged, then go ahead and reinsert the battery and memory card and do additional tests. If problems persist, then you may wish to consider your service options.


It sounds like you're outside of the US, so I have included a link below to the Canon worldwide site, from which you can find links to web sites for the various divisions of Canon in different countries. I would recommend contacting the appropriate division of Canon so that they may assist you further, as they will have direct information on their repair policies: